Why Every Marriage Needs a Puppy

If you follow me on any of my social media pages, you know how much we love our sweet, fluffy faced "child" and how spoiled he is. I'm so glad made the spontaneous decision to get Howie! The minute I saw a picture of his face, I fell in love and knew that he needed to be ours. (A lot of you have had the same reaction, too bad he's already taken...) After almost six months with this furry boy, (the dog, not my husband) I've decided that every married couple needs a dog.

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why you need a puppy

You always have something to talk about. I think I can safely say that the majority of our conversations (text, phone or in person) involve our puppy. We talk about EVERYTHING Howie does, and it might be a little pathetic, but we don't care. It's not that we run out of things to talk about that often, and I don't mind when there's a lull in our conversation, but Howard gives us some great material to fill in the gaps with.

There is always someone to keep you company when your spouse is gone. Joe and I work opposite schedules. I leave for work while he's still in bed and he comes home after I've had time to clean, do homework and make myself comfortable for the night. I always have to have the TV going when I'm home by myself because I don't like the silence. Having a dog follow me around wherever I go and listen to my random ramblings when I think out loud is really nice. And I don't think husband minds having someone to snuggle with after I get up in the morning.

We're learning to be responsible for someone other than ourselves and how to share that responsibility. We have to feed Howie, let him out and he needs a lot of attention and love. When we leave on vacation or even just for a few hours, we have to think about the needs of that furry little guy. The pup is going through puppy training classes with us and we're learning together, the things that we need to do to have an amazingly, well behaved pet. Sometimes we argue about who has to get out of bed and let the dog out in the morning or whose turn it is to bathe him every week, but we are learning to compromise and have fallen into a routine that works for us!

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every home needs a dog

Having a puppy is a lot of work and sometimes he's really naughty and difficult, but I would never send him back. It's a little bit like having a human child, and I think he's probably good preparation for when we finally get to that stage in life. And now, I'm going to go snuggle with that sweet, furry boy because I just can't get enough of him! Oh, and maybe we'll spend some time with the husband as well.

Do you have a puppy? What life lessons is being a pet parent teaching you?

Photography by Emily-Jane

This is the post to read if you've been trying to convince your spouse to get a dog or a puppy!