8 Creative and Meaningful Bachelorette Party/Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

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Wedding season is coming up and that means bridal showers and bachelorette parties are coming up too! I don’t have quite as many of those to attend now that most of my friends are married, but I still have one or two that I go to each year. When I was in the thick of attending a lot each year, I was always searching for ways to make my gifts for the occasion more meaningful. I always purchase something from the gift registry, because I know how appreciated it is, but I also like to add my own touch.

This post includes ideas for creative gifts that can be combined with common gift registry items to create a more meaningful gift. You can also gift them alone for something unique that will benefit their marriage relationship and be enjoyed for years to come. If the person you are buying for is extra special in your life, you could create a gift basket with a variety or all of these items in it.

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Gift Ideas for a Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower

Date Night In Cookbook

I loved all of the family favorite recipes and cookbooks that we received for our wedding. Recently I discovered a cookbook that I want to give every couple. The Date Night In cookbook not only gives you new meals to try while encouraging quality time and date night, even if you can’t go out. Pair the cookbook with some cute kitchenware or other kitchen tools from the couple’s wedding registry.

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Mrs. Necklace

My friend Nichelle makes the most amazing handmade necklaces. She has two designs that would be perfect to gift to the bride-to-be. The Mrs. Necklace comes in gold, silver and rose gold. The Wifey necklace can be purchased in silver or gold. You could pair this gift with towels for the master bathroom, some of the home decor that they've registered for, or a throw pillow to add some character to their bed.

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Every woman needs something silky or lacy for their wedding and their marriage. I always had a hard time purchasing lingerie for my friends because I never really knew what their size or style was, but my favorite company, Mentionables, has made it easy to gift something lacy! There’s always the option to get a gift card for the future Mrs. so that she can pick something out for herself.

If you’re hosting the party or if you know the guest of honor well, I have a genius idea for you to suggest! Mentionables has the option for you to create a wishlist on their site. You can add pieces you love and list your size, making it easier for anyone to gift you with something sexy without worrying you won’t like what they pick out. If you notice that the person you are gifting to has picked out a baby doll or other lingerie, consider grabbing a robe or panties that match their favorite piece! This gift is great paired with your favorite lubricant.

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Love Story Journal

We recently invested in a high-quality journal that I wish we’d had from the beginning of our marriage. This journal makes an amazing gift for couples and will be treasured for the entirety of their marriage and beyond. Promptly Love Story journals have prompts that help couples write down the details of their love story from the moment they laid eyes on each other clear through to their 70th anniversary. I love the prompts and how they encourage us to think about details that we wouldn’t normally include when we tell our story. Click here for more details about how we use our Love Story Journal and a peek inside the book.

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Marriage Books

We’re those weird people who gift books for wedding presents. We have a list of favorites, those books that have impacted our relationship and our life and that we feel could make a difference for other couples and families as well. If there is a book about marriage or that can apply to marriage, that you have read and would suggest to other couples, consider purchasing a few copies to gift to your friends and family members who are getting married soon! Click here for a list of our favorite books and the ones that we would suggest to other couples. You could pair this gift with anything on a couple’s registry or with a fun date night.

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Date Night

I love, love, love gifting date nights! The easiest way to do this is by purchasing a gift card to a local restaurant. You can usually find a variety of gift cards at your grocery store. If you’re feeling more creative, put together a date night of your own. Grab a gift card for tickets to the community theater and a gift card for dessert afterward. Or find a creative date night location near them and pick up a gift certificate that they can enjoy. I like to put together a fun date night or a few date nights with coupons and gift cards to some of my favorite locations in the area.

I also love putting together a fun basket with date night at home ideas. I include some of our favorite two player games, mini skillets and instructions to make our favorite date night dessert, bath bombs or bath salts, the date night in cookbook, sparkling cider and flutes, electric candles, etc. Click here for a list of our favorite at home date night products and games. Pair this gift with the popcorn popper they registered for or a few games and movies they picked out together.

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Marriage Moon

At least twice a year since we’ve been married, we’ve made a point to go on a romantic getaway together, even if it’s just overnight. It’s something that we’ve found had a big benefit in our marriage when we do it on a regular basis. Encourage the happy couple to continue taking honeymoons together throughout their marriage by purchasing them this awesome Marriage Moon package that my friend Chelsea put together. She created Marriage Moon as a way to help couples enhance their getaways together and make more of a difference in their marriage with that time that they’ve set aside to spend together. It would be great for them to take on their honeymoon or save to use together in the future.

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Finding meaningful gifts to give those in my life who are about to embark on my very favorite journey, marriage, is something that I have a lot of fun doing! I always strive to gift something they want and need but also something that they’ll enjoy and that they can use to contribute to a long lasting marriage. Whether you know a lot of couples getting married in the coming months or are sure you will have weddings to attend sometime in the future, save this post to help you add more meaning to the gift that you pick out to give them!

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Meaningful gift ideas for bridal showers and bachelorette parties.
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