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We went to a local nerf dart arena a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun running around competing against each other or on the same team against other people who were there. Inspired by that fun date night out, I put together a date night in that my husband couldn’t not love! This is the perfect activity for weeknight fun after the kids are in bed, or an at home date night on the weekend.

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I bought Joe a pair of nerf guns and lots of darts for our first married Valentine’s Day, but we rarely use them. This date night activity seemed like the perfect time to pull them out and we will definitely be doing this again in the future because we had so much fun!

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I’m sure you’ve seen the fun invitations that one spouse leaves for the other spouse to find when they get home from work to initiate a nerf war in their home. You leave the gun and ammo where they can find it with a note that lets them know that you have the other gun and are hiding somewhere in the house. This is a really fun way to surprise your spouse with a fun date night! The entire house can be your war grounds and you can even take it outside if the weather is nice enough.

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For our nerf gun war, we decided to confine our fight to one room. We each picked a piece of furniture for our fort and went to war. I wish I’d picked a taller/longer piece of furniture that I could hide behind better, but it just made for more of a challenge for me!

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Pro tip: Take advantage of the time when your partner is reloading their darts to sneak out from your cover and attack them from behind ;)

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After you’re done with your nerf war, order pizza or pick up your favorite takeout and reconcile your differences. You could also cook dinner together for a fun cooperative activity after all of your competition.

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If you are looking for a fun movie to end your date night with, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ would be a great addition to this date night activity if you want to keep it on theme.

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Nerf gun wars at home. Perfect date night for parents.
Fun, friendly competition date for married couples.