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I get asked about my favorite marriage podcasts a lot, but until this past year I was only listening to one. I’d never taken the time to research what apps were good for listening to podcasts on an Android phone and I had a lot on my plate for quite a while and not a lot of time to listen to them. This past year I discovered the app Castbox, which I use to listen to all of my podcasts and have loved, so if you have an Android phone, check it out! I also started listening to podcasts all the time; while I clean my house, while I get ready in the morning and late at night when I’m doing my grocery shopping are my favorite times to catch up on podcasts.

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This post includes all of the podcasts that I listen to and love! I’ve binged every episode of these podcasts and listen to their newest episodes when they air. Most of the podcasts release a new episode weekly and they have timely advice and tips for the current season, upcoming holidays or common struggles that they see couples talking about around the internet. If you haven’t checked these out, give them a listen and let me know what you think! You will be entertained and inspired by the hosts of all of these podcasts! I also shared my favorite episode from each of these podcasts so that if you aren’t one to go back and listen to the episodes you missed when you subscribe to a new podcast, you can listen to just one and get a taste for why I love it so much!

Podcasts to Strengthen Your Marriage

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Marriage Theraoke

I have to say that this newish podcast has quickly become a favorite of mine! Rich and Celeste (of The Marriage Laboratory blog) are the husband and wife team who host this podcast. Each episode takes a popular song and Rich and Celeste give that song “therapy”, discussing a relationship topic that is inspired by the lyrics of the song. Celeste does great research and has great insight and advice for couples in relationships and often invites relationship professionals to be on the podcast and share their thoughts on the topic being discussed. At the end of each episode, Rich rewrites the lyrics of the song to reflect a healthy relationship and sings it karaoke for everyone’s enjoyment. This podcast is both entertaining and inspiring and I’ve learned a lot of great things from listening to it.

My favorite episode would have to be Episode 13: Listening to Concerns (“Baby It’s Cold Outside”) but you can’t go wrong with any of the episodes on this podcast.

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The Naked Marriage Podcast

I only recently started listening to this one, but I quickly binged all of the episodes to get caught up and look forward to each new episode that is released. Dave and Ashley Willis have a strong foundation in relationship education including having published multiple books and spoken at many marriage conferences. Each week’s episode shares valuable insight and tips to help couples to be completely “naked” or vulnerable with their spouse and in their marriage. I’ve learned a lot in the few months that I’ve been listening to this podcast and really appreciate what the Willis’ have to share with couples from their knowledge and personal experiences.

My favorite episode was Episode 2: Are You Single in Public? but I also really loved 9: Honest Talk About Anxiety & Depression

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One Extraordinary Marriage

I’ve been listening to the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast for as long as I can remember. I look forward to hearing from Tony and Alisa each week and have loved each of the topics that they’ve chosen to tackle. They share their concept of the intimacy lifestyle with couples all over the world and aren’t afraid to be open and real about the challenges that their relationship has faced along the way. This is a podcast that you will want to listen to with headphones in or while your kids aren’t around because sex and intimacy are mentioned quite frequently. I’m grateful to the DiLorenzos for being a safe place that couples can come to get valuable tips and suggestions on a topic that is seen as taboo and not often talked about so openly.

There are a lot of episodes to choose from with this podcast because it has been around for years. One of my favorite that aired recently was Episode 461: In the Moment.

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Rise Together Podcast

Dave and Rachel Hollis are a power house couple who aren’t afraid of telling it like it is. Their podcast is honest and refreshing and shares a unique perspective on marriage. As I’ve binged previous episode and kept up on current ones each week, I’ve found myself nodding along and wanting to shout an enthusiastic ‘AMEN’! to a lot of what they have to say. You will love how Dave and Rachel show up for each other in their marriage, work together as a team and support everything that the other spouse chooses to do in life.

My favorite episode is one that they re-aired recently, Episode 27: The Weekly Ritual that Keeps Our Relationship Healthy. It’s all about making date night a priority and in turn, putting your marriage relationship first. If you aren’t one to catch up on all of the episodes you’ve missed when you subscribe to a new podcast, definitely go back and at least listen to that one.

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Both of Us

This podcast is also hosted by a husband and wife team, a common theme in these marriage podcasts. Dallin and Maren Droubay talk about a lot of different topics that affect marriages. Some of their episodes feature guests who they interview and others are just the two of them having a discussion with each other. They are currently on a brief break after the first season of their podcast but have plans to come back with more great content and episodes in a few months!

My favorite episode that they’ve shared so far was Episode 18: Becoming Homemaker-ish! It went along really well with my word of the year and the goals that I’ve set.

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Mormon Marriages

Nate and Angilyn Bagley are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the majority of the guests on the podcast are LDS as well. However, the lessons and tips that they have to share are relatable for couples everywhere, no matter their religious beliefs. The goal of this podcast is to share interviews with marriage experts regarding how to create a passionate, connected marriage.

One of their episodes that I really loved was Episode 7: Living the Dream. Each episode shares a unique couple’s story and the lessons they’ve learned along their journey.

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Married 2 Business

If you don’t know John and Courtney Brown from Cents of Style, you are missing out. These two are a fun, powerhouse couple who are a great example of what it means to support your spouse and work together. Their podcast interviews couples who work together in business on a daily basis and shows how your differences as a couple can help you to be the best team!

I have two favorite episodes to share with you. Episode 19 and 20 shared Courtney and John’s tips for how to work with your spouse. Each of them spent one episode sharing their tips and I thought they both had some great things to share!

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There are many other marriage and relationship focused available for you to listen to! I have a few more that I recently discovered and subscribed to but haven’t listened to yet, and there are more that I’m learning about every day. As I find more that I love, after listening to multiple episodes of them, I will be sure to add them to this post!

Do you have any marriage podcasts that you love and would suggest I listen to?

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