20 Things to Thank Your Spouse for Daily

November, the month when everyone's social media feed is filled with the random things that their friends are grateful for every single day. While I'm not the greatest at being dedicated to daily posts myself, I really love the intentionality that reporting to social media brings to everyone's lives daily. Looking for something to share with your friends and family really forces you to look at the little things that you may take for granted on a daily basis. In years past, I've put out a thankful jar in our home and filled it with things I'm grateful for, more specifically, things that Joe has done that I am thankful for. Because I'm terrible at remembering things that I need to write down each day, I've decided to do something different this year.

Instead of trying to remember the things that Joe does each day and then remembering to write them down later, I want to be more intentional about thanking Joe in the moment. I also want to be more aware of the things that he's doing, and not take the little things for granted, things that he does every day and that I've come to expect. You might see me post a few of my grateful moments on Instagram, but I can't guarantee that I'll take a picture or remember to post about them every day. I can promise that I will make an effort to verbalize my thanks to Joe each day. If you want to join me, you can refer to my list below for a few ideas to get you started.

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A fun way to celebrate the month of Thanksgiving and be more intentional about letting your spouse know that you are grateful for them.

1. Thank them for choosing to spend their life with you!

2. Thank them for any financial contributions they make to the family.

3. Thank them for helping with something you usually take care of.

4. Thank them for the things that they do around the house regularly.

5. Thank them for being the perfect person for you.

6. Thank them for the quirks that make them unique.

7. Thank them for whatever made you fall in love with them.

8. Thank them for a memory that you've made.

9. Thank them for encouraging you to follow your dreams.

10. Thank them for sticking by your side through everything life has thrown your way.

11. Thank them for being your sounding board.

12. Thank them for loving you for all that you are, including your flaws and quirks.

13. Thank them for encouraging you to be your best.

14. Thank them for the little things.

15. Thank them for spending time with you.

16. Thank them for eating meals with you so that you don't have to eat alone.

17. Thank them for a time when they speak your love language.

18. Thank them for being dedicated to working on your relationship.

19. Thank them for something selfless that they've done for you recently.

20. Thank them for that first hello that started it all.

What else will you be sure to thank your spouse for this month?