Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Spouse

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Stocking stuffers are my husband's most dreaded thing to shop for and my favorite! Last year when we were out shopping for gifts with the kids, I pointed out a few great stocking stuffer gifts that I would love to hopefully help my husband out. In my stocking a few weeks later, I found a plethora of face and food masks. I have loved and used them all but I couldn’t help but giggle that he had focused on one of the suggestions I gave him and went to town. This year I’m hoping that this post of ideas will help him and other spouses out there who stress out about what to put in their loved one’s stockings!

stocking stuffer ideas for couples

Big List of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Spouses

Favorite snack or treat - I love to grab my husband’s favorite treat in candy bar size or pick out some snacks I know he enjoys but doesn’t always get. Things like jerky, holiday peanut butter cups, or a bag of his favorite chips.

Personal care items - It might sound lame, but we always got a pack of razors, a toothbrush, extra chapstick, etc. in our stockings growing up. My toddlers think it’s so exciting to get a new toothbrush in their stocking, and I like to think my husband does too. I’m really excited because this year I found a pack of his favorite chapstick online (we can never find it in stores anymore) and I’m looking forward to scattering them throughout his stocking.

Gift cards - I love grabbing a few smaller value gift cards to my husband’s favorite restaurants to gift him to use for lunches out. I also think it’s a great idea to get a gift card or two that can be used for one of our date nights out.

A personal love note - Whether or not your spouse’s love languages is words of affirmation, I bet they’d really appreciate receiving a love note from you this holiday season. You can make it fancy and decorate a card to write it in, type it up on the computer, or grab any piece of paper you can find in the house use that. What really matters are the words that you write on it.

An inside joke - I saw a wife share on a Facebook thread recently that her husband was consistently complaining about not being able to find any forks when he needed them. On Christmas morning, he found a brand new pack of forks (not the disposable kind) in his stocking. I thought it was a fun way to gift something useful that your spouse might not think about getting on their own and that might be a fun joke for years to come.

stocking stuffer ideas for her

Something quirky that they’ll love - Last year, I got my husband this fun book of Dad Jokes that I stumbled across online. He has a special place in his heart for dad jokes and loved the book just as much as I thought he would.

A favorite drink - Some years we put a can of hot chocolate in each other’s stocking, or I’ll grab a bottle of one of my husband’s favorite sodas. This year I have a gift card for our favorite soda shop that I can use to surprise him with a few drinks at work on days when he works long hours or I know he’s having a tough day.

Something sexy - I’m a big fan of any kind of gift that will strengthen their marriage. A piece of lingerie from our favorite company, Mentionables, would fit perfectly in your spouse's stocking and makes a great gift for husbands or wives. You can get 10% off your purchase with code APM10.

A pampering gift - I have loved getting face masks and bath bombs in my stocking in the past. For men, you could get something for grooming their beard or lotion that doesn’t smell flowery or fruity and will keep their hands moisturized when it’s dry out.

Accessories to wear - Ties, socks, jewlery, scarves and gloves make great stocking gifts.

stocking stuffer ideas for him

Cologne or perfume - Whether your spouse has a scent that they enjoy or if they have a few different ones they wear and you add to their collection with something that you find on your own.

Phone charger - A couple of years ago, we got ourselves portable cell phone chargers and they’ve been one of the best purchases ever. We also like having a few extra charging cords hanging around for our phones because you can never have too many. I’m still in search of a good car charger and would love to find one of those in my stocking as well.

Home baked goodies - Is there a special treat or goodie that your spouse really enjoys? It can be something that you make or something that someone else in your life has made and they’ve raved about. Make a small batch yourself or commission your neighbor or family member to whip up a fresh batch. Package them up in a cute bag and put them on top of your spouse’s stocking.

Newly released movie - I know not a lot of people buy physical copies of movies anymore, but I do. There are usually a few movies we’ve loved that come out around the holidays and each person in our family gets one in their stocking.

Personal coupons - In the past, I’ve loved making coupons for my husband for personal favors or dates. Those coupons usually center on things that I know he loves but that I don’t always enjoy doing. He’s gotten coupons for back scratches, dates to restaurants or activities that aren’t always my first choice, a day off of parenting duties or diaper duties, a night with the house completely to himself, a meal of his choice, etc.

stocking stuffers

Make sure to share this post with your spouse if they’re like mine and feel overwhelmed by the idea of purchasing stocking stuffers. If you’re not a Christmas stocking household, a lot of these ideas would make great gifts for under the tree as well!

What are your favorite things to put in your spouse’s stocking or what has been something good you’ve found in yours?

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Fun and useful stocking stuffer ideas for couples