Prioritize Date Night in Your Marriage with this Ebook and 300+ Date Night Ideas

For a lot of couples, as soon as the knot is tied, date night drops down on the list of things to do, and in some cases, stops altogether. No matter what your stage in life, there will always be something keeping you from spending as much time together as you would like. More often than I'd like to admit, a new week starts and I realize that we weren't able to complete our planned date night. So I completely understand where you're coming from when you say that sometimes life gets in the way and date night doesn't happen.

After talking to many couples about their date night habits I found that the majority wish that they could increase the frequency of their dates, but don't have the resources that they need in order to do that. No matter what your stage in life, there will always be something keeping you from spending as much time together as you would like. Make time for date night in your marriage because if you don't, you will begin to drift apart and one day you might wake up to find that you are roommates rather than lovers. 

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I'm here to tell you that it is possible to make date night a priority no matter what your life looks like at the moment. Joe and I have always done our best to make weekly date nights happen, even when we were in the NICU. Date night has always looked different for us depending on what we have going on in our lives at the time. In the beginning of our marriage, we were lazy with our dates and usually ended up at home watching Netflix while we ate takeout, the same thing that we did every night. When I was in school, date night often consisted of dinner and then going home to watch a movie together while I finished a paper that was due at midnight. Now that we have two little ones, most of our date nights take place at home, during nap time or after they have both gone to bed.

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Two years ago I launched my first product, the Prioritizing Date Night Ebook. It included tips and tricks for making date night a priority, no matter what obstacles your current stage in life provide and over 200 date night ideas. This year I’ve relaunched that ebook and it’s bigger and better than ever!

The entire book has been revamped with a layout that makes it easier for couples to find what their marriage needs. There are over 40 pages of new content including more solutions for common date night challenges and 100 new date night ideas! The biggest addition however, is the audio recording of the first four chapters, the ones that are filled with all of the good information. I wanted couples to be able to absorb the information and start to use it in their marriage asap. I know that life is busy and people rarely have opportunities to sit down and read but they do have opportunities to listen! Driving in your car, working out, doing yard work, or cleaning your house are all great times to turn on the audio book and listen!

I’ve read through the book so many times, I’ve lost count. But when I was reading through it out loud for the audio bonus, I couldn’t help but be amazed by just how good the tips and information are. I worked hard, did a lot of research and used my professional background and knowledge to provide you with the best content possible in hopes that more couples would find ways to make date night happen on a regular basis in their marriage!

If you’re wondering about the details of what you’ll find in this book, you can click here to view the entire listing where I’ve shared the table of contents, but I’ll also break it down below because I like to make things easy for you like that!

Chapter one is all about why it’s important for you to make date night a priority in your marriage. This chapter includes some research and statistics but I promise it’s interesting and easy to understand! I talk about date night vs. quality time and why what you do for date night matters and share more information about the book. If you were going to read one section of the book, it should be this one! It’s the chapter that’s going to inspire you to make more time for date night and make your relationship more of a priority.

I can’t tell you to make date night a priority without giving you some tips to make it happen, so chapter two shares seven tips for getting out of your rut and back on the weekly date night train! These are all things that have helped us in our various stages of life and I know they’ll help you as well. Jumping into chapter three, I shared three of my very best tips to make your date nights more intentional. Don’t just go out together, go out together and have fun and strengthen your relationship. That’s the goal, right?! Chapter three will give you some ideas to make that happen.

I’m really excited about chapter four because it’s all new content and came about because of a lot of input and concerns from all of you. The entire chapter focuses on finding childcare for marriage and all of the challenges that people have shared they experience when it comes to getting a babysitter for date night. If you have young kids, you’ll definitely want to read this chapter, whether you have struggles finding someone to watch your kids while you go out together or not.

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Then the other 12 chapters are filled so full of date night ideas, you’ll be set for the next four or five years of your marriage! I reconfigured the date night ideas to set you up for success! Have no budget for date night? That’s ok! I have a whole chapter filled with date night ideas that don’t cost a thing and can be done at home or out on the down. Are you on a budget? There are budget friendly date night ideas for at home or out on the town as well. Have limited time? Check out the chapter with mini date night ideas. You’ll also find ideas for nights when you want to splurge, fun ways to change up the food routine in your date nights, seasonal dates, holiday themed dates and so much more. Seriously, check out the full table of contents by clicking here.

This e-book will provide you with resources and ideas that will help the two of you make date night more of a priority in your marriage. With more 100 pages of content and over 300 date night ideas, you and your spouse are sure to find a way to make date night happen on a regular basis, no matter your current stage of life. Click here to purchase your copy!

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The more you and your spouse work to make date night a priority, the more easily ideas for what to do on those dates will come to you and the more of a habit date night will become. Date night will no longer be something that you do each week because you know it's important for your marriage. Date night will become something that you both look forward to with excitement each week, whether you have a set plan or not. Make your marriage more of a priority by making date night a priority! No matter what your life stage looks like, you and your spouse won't ever regret setting aside that time to focus on each other.

Have more fun in your marriage. Plan more date nights with your spouse. This resource will help you do that!
Is date night a regular occurrence in your marriage?