Spring Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

When it comes to date night, you won’t find us doing the same thing each week. We love the classic dinner and a movie date, but we also love to experience new things together and date night is the perfect opportunity for a little adventure. We love to try new restaurants, check out different places made for fun in the area and enjoy the seasonal activities that are available where we live.

I look forward to spring every year because our date night activity bank expands to include some things that are outdoors. I also find that it’s more fun to go out together when it’s not frigid and snowing and the ground isn’t constantly wet.

This list of date night ideas includes things that can be done at home or out on the town. It has activities for Outdoor lovers and for those of us who prefer to stay indoors until summer hits. You can even take a few of the ideas and turn them into multiple dates depending on how you choose to participate in the activity each time. I hope this list inspires you to make date night a priority in your marriage and spend intentional quality time together this season!

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Spring Date Night Ideas

Picnic in a park and fly a kite - Make a picnic lunch together or pick up a pizza, sandwiches or burgers. Go to your favorite park, lay out a blanket to sit on and enjoy the weather and some good conversation while you eat. After your meal, fly kites together. You can get kites at your local dollar store.

Host a karaoke group date - Invite your friend group or your siblings and their significant others to your house for a few hours. Have everyone bring their favorite snack food and a karaoke CD if they have one. Have a panel of judges score each performance and award prizes to the winners at the end of the night.

Have an electronics free night - Put your phones on silent and turn off the TV. Make a meal together, play games, go outside and just talk.

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Tackle spring cleaning together - Open all your windows, turn on your favorite music and tackle house cleaning projects together. Make a day of it and get them all done or spend a couple of hours completing just one. When you’re finished, celebrate a job well done with a meal at your favorite restaurant and a well earned nap.

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Have a photo shoot - Hire a photographer or recruit a talented family member. Get fancied up and wear your best outfit. Spend an hour or two enjoying each other’s company while somebody captures photos of your relationship. After you’re done, enjoy dessert together.

Go on a hike - Ask around to find out where the best places are near you to go hiking. Pick the length of your hike and level of difficulty and get outside together. You could even pack a picnic to enjoy at the end.

Take a fishing trip - Find the nearest fishing hole or plan a day trip to somewhere further from home. Pack breakfast that you can enjoy on the road. Spend the morning fishing. If you’re up to it, and if you’re not catch and release people, find a recipe and cook your fish for dinner.

Explore the nearest big city - Be tourists for the day! Visit cool places in your area that you’ve never taken the time to check out before. Some cities have segway tours, bus tours or other fun ways to explore. You could also pick a block or two and walk around, going in each little shop like you would if you were tourists in another big city. Eat out somewhere local that you’ve never tried before. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures of the things that you see and experience!

Go on a $5 date - There are a few different ways to do this date. You could pick a night around food and activities that cost five dollars each. You could also have five dollars total for the date and get creative with your dinner and entertainment for the evening. Or go to your local superstore (Walmart,Target, etc.) and split up, with each of you being assigned something to shop for (ie a certain part of dinner, the night’s activity) and a budget of $5 a piece. Meet up at an agreed upon time to make your purchase and get on with your date.

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Go house hunting - Whether you’re currently in the market for a house or not, you can have fun planning and dreaming about your future home. Drive around looking at houses, noting the features and styles that you like. Get online and look at different listings, noting the features and layouts that you like. Browse Pinterest together and create a shared board where you can pin your favorite ideas. You might even draw the floor plan for your dream house.

Work in the yard together - It may not seem like the most “fun” date, but you might find that working side by side is rewarding and gives you the opportunity to talk and connect. Go shopping for flowers and plant them together. Build a fire pit or stain your deck. Find something that you can cross off your project list and enjoy the warmer weather. After you’re finished, have a picnic in the yard.

Get pedicures together - Whenever I go to the nail salon, I see at least one couple getting pedicures together and I think it’s the best idea! Everyone deserves to be pampered and pedicures are a great way to relax and unwind together. Make appointments for two pedicures at a nail salon or spa near you and add this activity to dinner or dessert at your favorite restaurant. For a fun twist, pick each other’s polish colors, if your husband is a good sport and willing to go for a color other than clear.

Dance together in the kitchen - This date night activity is a simple but fun one. You can do this any time; in the morning, while you’re cleaning up dinner, or after the kids are in bed. Turn on your favorite love song and sway to the music for a minute or two or through your entire love song playlist.

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Go mini golfing - As the weather warms up, outdoor mini golf courses will reopen as well. We love going mini golfing together because it’s fun, competitive and outside where we can get a little fresh air.

Visit the zoo - Who doesn’t love the zoo? This makes a great family activity or a fun date night. You can stroll quickly through the entire zoo or spend time at each exhibit, reading about the animals inside and enjoy watching them interact in their natural habitat. Our local zoo has adult only events at least monthly, if your zoo has something similar, it could be fun to attend.

Work on a house project - We’ve been working on a lot of house projects together and find renewed motivation to get things done and cross projects off of our list during the spring. Last year we started building a new deck and this year we’re working on updating our entire backyard, including finishing the deck project that we started last week. Look at the list of projects that you have left to complete and pick one to work on and finish together this season.

Make s’mores - Most people think about building fires and roasting marshmallows during the summer and fall months of the year, but why leave spring out of all the fun? As the weather gets warmer but there’s still a chill in the air, cuddle up around the fire at night and enjoy a tasty treat!

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Play games at an arcade - For only a few dollars, you can enjoy hours of fun playing arcade games and video games that you grew up playing. If you have a spouse who loves that sort of thing, consider putting this date night activity on your agenda.

Color Easter eggs - Whether you’re religious or not, one of the fun spring time holiday activities that families enjoy is dying the shells of hard boiled eggs. This can make a fun date night! There are lots of ideas for creating your own coloring or designs on the eggs. I’ve seen glitter eggs and pastel colored eggs, speckled eggs, neon eggs, and so many other fun ideas.

Go for a bike ride - My family used to go on bike rides weekly growing up, and I’ve seen many couples riding bikes together out on the local walking trails or on the side of the rode. Even if you aren’t professional bikers or training for a race, riding together can be fun a couple of times a month. Last year we had the opportunity to try out some electronic bikes and ride them around town for a couple of hours. If you aren’t up for a hard workout, give those a try because not only are they easier to pedal, but you’ll ride faster as well.

Go bowling - It’s a classic date night activity but one that we don’t do often enough. Who doesn’t love bowling? Search the internet for ways to add a unique spin on your bowling game. You could bowl an entire game only with your opposite hand or granny bowl every other turn. Make your competition really fun and let the winner choose where you get dessert after your game is over.

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I think the best thing to do as part of any spring date night is to open your windows or get outside and be active together while enjoying the warmer weather and green. Enjoy being together and enjoy the things you can do right now that you can’t do any other season.

Happy dating friends!

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Creative date night ideas for spring weather.
Spring date night ideas for married couples.