25+ Summer Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

When it comes to date night, you won’t find us doing the same thing each week. We love the classic dinner and a movie date, but we also love to experience new things together and date night is the perfect opportunity for a little adventure. We love to try new restaurants, check out different places made for fun in the area and enjoy the seasonal activities that are available where we live.

Summer is our favorite time of year for date night. There’s so much to do, we get to spend a lot of time outside, and the sun and warm weather motivates and energizes us! Each year we have a list of traditional activities that we add to our date night calendar. But each summer, we try to do something new as well.

This list of date night ideas includes things that can be done at home or out on the town. It has activities for outdoor lovers and for those of us who prefer to stay indoors when it gets a little too hot. You can even take a few of the ideas and turn them into multiple dates depending on how you choose to participate in the activity each time. I hope this list inspires you to make date night a priority in your marriage and spend intentional quality time together this season!

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summer date night ideas

Summer Date Night Ideas

Movies in the park or at the drive-in - Bring your favorite homemade popcorn or movie treat to enjoy during the movie. You could also set up a projector to watch a movie on the side of your house after the kids are in bed. Don’t forget the blankets, pillows and bug spray!

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Host a barbecue group date - Invite your friend group or your siblings and their significant others to your house for an evening. Have everyone bring their own meat and a side dish to share. For dessert, roast marshmallows and starburst over the grill or a fire OR enjoy soda floats (your favorite flavor of soda with vanilla or chocolate ice cream).

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Watch a sunrise together - Find an easy hike and pack a breakfast picnic to enjoy at the end while you watch the sun come up. If you have kids, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or a fruit smoothie while you watch from your own yard. Your kids can enjoy some morning cartoons while you enjoy your alone time.

Go to a baseball game - Major league or minor league, nothing says summer like a ball game. Wear baseball tees and ball caps. Splurge on ballpark food, share a hot dog and a bag of cotton candy. Sing along to ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ and take a picture with the team’s mascot. If you can attend a game that ends with fireworks, that’s even better!

Have a water fight - Head to the store to pick out your super-soakers together, and don’t forget the water balloons. Have a war against each other or invite another couples over to join you. Enjoy an ice cream treat afterward while you dry off in the sun.

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Have a sidewalk chalk art contest - Claim a square on the driveway or sidewalk in front of your house and see who can be the most creative. Ask your kids, or the neighbor kids, to be the judging panel when you’re finished. The winner chooses where to go for dessert.

Have a grill off - Find something that you have been wanting to learn how to grill and make it a competition. Check out this post for information on how we conducted our rib grill off and learned how to grill ribs together.

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Enjoy a sunset together - Cuddle up in a blanket together and talk about life while the sun goes down. Put your phone on silent and resist the urge to snap a million pictures. Just enjoy the time together! Sit outside and watch the stars come out after the sun has gone down.

Go on a camp out - Research campsites close to your home and escape for the night. Pack all of your favorite camping foods and a few card games to play. if your work schedules make it difficult to go camping without planning far in advance, set up camp in your backyard.

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Make ice cream together - Purchase an ice cream maker off of Amazon or check out this post for how to make ice cream in a plastic bag. You can stick with the classic flavors or get creative and come up with one of your own.

Attend an outdoor concert - Ski resorts and other outdoor venues have great concert series during the summer. Find one that interests you and make it a getaway by reserving a hotel room near the venue.

Go on a food truck tour - Research food trucks in your area, pick out the ones you want to try and make a night of it. Both of you order something different at each food truck and share so that you get to try more things. Some areas have food truck round ups, find out if there are any near you!

Mini golf - Seek out fun mini golf courses in your area and plan a date for a bit of friendly competition. The best time to go to the mini golf course is after dinner, when the temperature has cooled off a bit. This would be a really fun group date as well!

Go fishing - Fishing is a low key, relaxing date and a great opportunity for a bit of bonding. If you live in the United States, you can visit the takemefishing.org website to find the best fishing holes near you and find out how to get your fishing license for the day. Pack some food and enjoy each other’s company for a few hours. If you aren’t catch and release people, you can finish your date off with a fresh fish meal that you cook together.

Snow cone hunt - A lot of couples look forward to the day when their favorite snow cone shack opens every year. Make a weekly mini date of seeking out new snow cone shacks or food trucks and enjoying a delicious treat. Hopefully by the end of the summer, you’ll have discovered a really good place that you can frequent the next summer, whenever you get a craving for shaved ice.

Dance in the rain - Summer rainstorms are warm and perfect for playing in together! Jump in puddles and dance together in the next storm, but be sure to avoid lightning and thunder. When the rain stops, warm up with a shower and cuddle up in a blanket together afterward.

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Go on a bike ride - Find a trail near you and go on a bike ride together. If you don’t own bikes of your own, borrow some from family or friends or rent one from a local shop. If you find that you really like biking together and want to participate more regularly, purchase bikes of your own and make a weekly date of it.

Spend the afternoon at a beach - Whether you live inland or on the coast, you can find a beach of some kind to enjoy. We live in the middle of a desert, but there are at least five beaches that I can think of, in our state. Pack a picnic, bring your swimsuit and maybe rent a paddle board or raft you can take out on the water. If you’re up for it, plan for a little beach camping.

Go on a hike - You don’t have to live near the mountains to go hiking together. A lot of areas have nature trails, even right in the middle of the city. We have some trails that are paved and just a short walk from our house and others that are a bit of a drive and in the mountains. Get outside and be active together, enjoy nature and explore the area where you live.

Go to the county fair - The fair is a great place to enjoy a date. Fair food, free entertainment and local talent are all fun to enjoy together. Our local fair has added a hot air balloon festival that we’re really looking forward to. Depending on where you live, your fair might include a variety of fun events and activities unique to your area.

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Take a late night walk - Our relationship started with lots of late night walks. We get out of the house together after the sun goes down and the temperature is more bearable and we walk for a good hour. The quiet night air and fresh evening breeze make for excellent conversation and quality time.

Explore your town - No matter how long you’ve lived where you live, there is always something new that you can explore. Whether it’s a mom and pop restaurant you’ve never been to, something new that just opened, or an area of town that you’ve never explored, you’ll always have something new to try. Make a date of walking through the area you’re not familiar with or trying all new things together.

Go out for ice cream - Nothing says summer like ice cream. Try a variety of ice cream and frozen treat shops near you and make the delicious treat a third wheel on all of your summer dates.

Play at the park - I love playing on the playground as much as my toddlers. Sometimes I want to go try out a park for myself, when it’s not filled with little kids or before I take my own kids. The best time to go to the park and play if you don’t want it to be you alongside a bunch of toddlers, is around 9pm on a summer night. After the little ones will be in bed but before the parks close for the evening. Make it even more fun and bring a picnic of cracker stacker sandwiches and other kid food to enjoy before or after you play.

Rent a canoe - Research to find places in your area where you can rent a canoe and take it out on the water. It’s a great opportunity to practice your teamwork and see if you can work together to make your way across the water.

Go swimming - It’s summer, why not?! Visit your community pool. See who can swim laps the fastest, make up your own water aerobics routine and practice it together, dare each other to jump off the diving board and take a lot of trips down the water slide. Have fun together and grab dinner after you’ve worked up an appetite.

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I think the best part of summer dates is being outside together, staying active and enjoying all of the hot weather activities that you won’t be able to when the snow falls, which always happens way too soon.

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Summer date night ideas for married couples
Summer date night ideas