Why You Should Continue to Purchase Lingerie in Every Stage of Marriage

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A year ago, I heard about Mentionables and after perusing their website, I decided that I would make my first purchase as a 30th birthday gift to myself. Six months ago, I ordered that gift, and based on the number of Mentionables pieces in my closet now, I’ve made an average of one purchase per month since. Recently someone found out how many pieces of lingerie I owned and asked me if I really wear them that often. I also had a few people ask me if I felt like they were worth the money that I paid for them. I know a lot of other people have similar questions, so I decided to write a post sharing the answers.

In short, I probably don’t wear my lingerie as often as I could, but yes, they were worth the purchase and yes, I think Mentionables is the best company to purchase lingerie from. Plus, you can get 10% off of your purchase with the code APM10. This post shares the reasons why I think you should buy new lingerie for yourself, the reasons that I love and will continue to purchase my lingerie from Mentionables and some tips for getting more wear of the lingerie that you purchase and already have in your closet.

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Why You Should Continue to Buy Lingerie Throughout Your Marriage

If you think that owning lingerie is pointless (it’s only on for a few seconds after all, right?) or not something that you should buy until you’ve reached a certain weight loss goal or stop having kids, think again. No matter what your excuse is, I will tell you that you should buy lingerie that fits you and that you love in your current stage of life.

Lingerie is an investment in your relationship

Any time you pay for date night, attend a marriage conference or workshop, or buy something that will help bring you and your spouse closer together (a relationship book, tools needed for a hobby, or something to benefit your sex life), you are investing in your relationship. You are saying ‘this matters to me and I want to work to make it the best that it can be’. That investment is important if you are working toward a long lasting marriage and it is one that is definitely worth making!

Wearing lingerie can increase your libido and your desire for intimacy and sex.

I had a friend (who has purchased from Mentionables herself) share with me that she has a low sex drive, and wearing something that she feels sexy in helps to put her in the mood and has helped her to work on that side of her relationship with her husband. It doesn’t matter what size you are or where you are at in your self love journey, you deserve to feel beautiful and confident! When you are feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin, you are more likely to enjoy being seen and being intimate with your spouse.

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You deserve to have lingerie that fits you and that you love yourself in

A year ago, I was just starting a journey to creating a better relationship with myself and loving the woman who I saw each time I looked in the mirror. I thought that would happen after I lost a certain amount of weight and could fit into my old clothes again. I quickly realized that I was sabotaging my relationship with myself by having that attitude. I went through every item of clothing in my closet and tossed the things that didn’t make me feel good about myself, lingerie included. I had many pieces of lingerie that I’d purchased when we got married and that were a lot of sizes too small for me. I replaced those clothes and that lingerie with things that I knew would fit me, that worked for my body shape and that I loved myself in.

I love that Mentionables has such a wide variety of sizes and styles of lingerie, including plus sizes, unlike a lot of other places I used to go to purchase my intimates. I feel gorgeous every time I put on something that I got from their site, and every woman deserves to feel the same way, no matter what she is wearing.

New lingerie can bring something new and exciting to your marriage

After you’ve been married for a while, it can be easy to fall into a routine. Date night becomes routine, your conversations become routine and your intimacy becomes routine. Routine can be a good thing and there’s nothing bad about it, but having something new that brings novelty to your relationship, even if it’s just switching up the restaurant you eat at for date night, has been shown to help keep the spark alive and keep marriages strong. Even if you only pull your lingerie out once a month or a few times a year, having something that’s a new color or style will spice things up a bit!

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Why I Love Buying Lingerie from Mentionables

I have been a customer of Mentionables for just over six months now, and I will continue to be a loyal customer of theirs for the rest of my life. There are so many things to love about Mentionables! These are just a few.

Mentionables uses model free photos to advertise their lingerie

This is one of the biggest reasons that people LOVE Mentionables! Model free photos mean a couple of things when you’re shopping for lingerie. My favorite is that I don’t have an expectation or preconceived picture in my head of what my piece is supposed to look like on me when I receive it. I put that pretty lingerie on, and I immediately love how it looks on me, rather than being disappointed that it doesn’t fall the way it did on the model on the website. Another thing that I have heard from a lot of people is that not having pictures of models wearing the lingerie makes them feel more comfortable showing their husbands the pieces that they are considering buying. A few other people have shared with me that their spouse feels less awkward shopping for them when there aren’t real people in lingerie on the screen.

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Mentionables has sizes and styles of lingerie for every woman

This is the reason that I personally love Mentionables the most! Their pieces come in every size, even plus sizes, and there are a wide variety of styles so you are sure to find something that will fit you no matter what size or body shape you are. I have talked to women of all sizes who have purchased lingerie from Mentionables and they have all mentioned how much they love the way the style the purchased fits on them and how it makes them feel. When I was buying lingerie for myself before my wedding, I noticed that the styles were limited and that the sizes that most stores carried weren’t realistic for most women. I love seeing more companies cater to real women, no matter what size they are because all women deserve to wear something sexy every once in a while.

Mentionables lingerie is gorgeous, high quality and comes in a variety of colors

I have been so happy with each of the pieces that I’ve ordered from Mentionables. Their styles are so unique and beautiful and I would wear every single one of them. With the launch of each collection, they release a handful of colors and most of the styles come in all of the colors. I have a personal love for the Lacy Back Baby Doll style and own it in four different colors. The details on each piece are stunning and the fabric is so soft and comfortable, I have no problem sleeping well in them.

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Mentionables promotes body positivity and self love

The mission of Mentionables is so uplifting and empowering to women. They encourage you to buy lingerie not just for your partner to look at, but for yourself. I mentioned that I decided to buy my first piece for my 30th birthday, for a gift for myself. It’s definitely been something that has benefited my marriage, but I continue to make more purchases because I love how they make me feel and the way that wearing those pieces have helped me to love my body as it is now, while I work continue to work to build healthier habits, and accept myself for what I am able to accomplish here and now.

Mentionables helps women feel comfortable, confident and sexy in their own skin

By offering a wide variety of sizes and styles of lingerie, Mentionables helps women to see their beauty instead of making them wish they were something different. I love the way I feel any time I put on one of the pieces I own!

Mentionables has a discreet packaging option for delivery.

Just recently, Mentionables started offering a discreet packaging option at checkout, after feedback from their customers. If you check the box for discreet packaging, your lingerie will be packaged in their cute box, like every other order, and then slipped into a plain mailing bag, so you aren’t able to easily see from the outside what has been ordered. This makes their shopping experience even more comfortable and ideal for those who have always felt uncomfortable ordering something lacy online and anxious about the idea of everyone seeing what they ordered. You can order comfortably and confidently when you order from Mentionables!

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Tips to Get More Wear Out of Your Lingerie

The biggest reason people tell me they don’t buy new lingerie is that they don’t feel like they’d get much use out of it. The joke is that ‘it’s only on for 15 seconds anyway!’ I’ve seen a few people’s eyes pop out of their heads when they find out how many pieces of lingerie I’ve purchased in so short a time frame. And then they ask me if I wear it that often. I don’t… but I have goals (??) to wear it more. And I wanted to share a few ways you can get more wear out of your lingerie purchase. Lingerie doesn’t have to be just for the bedroom! Look for opportunities to wear it on a more regular basis not only for your spouse, but for yourself.

Tip: These could also be seen as reasons you need to buy more lacy things for your closet, if you’re looking for a reason to buy something on the Mentionables site.


Wear lingerie under your date night outfit

Because of my religion and the undergarments that we wear, wearing something sexy for date night isn’t always a natural thing for me to do, but it’s something that I want to do more often. When you’re putting on your favorite outfit for a night out with your spouse, put on your favorite lingerie as well. Whether your spouse knows you’re wearing it the whole night or not, having that something lacy on will help you feel more flirty and fun and will make your date night feel extra special. It will be a fun surprise for your husband when you get home from your date as well!

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Purchase new lingerie for an anniversary, birthday, gift or special occasion

This is reasons that people use to get something new and lacy most often. Lingerie makes a fun gift for you or your spouse! You can make a wish list on Mentionables and share that with your spouse so that they know which styles and colors are your favorite and what size you wear. I had fun buying a piece in my husband’s favorite color and surprising him with it earlier this year. You might notice that one of the pieces in my collection doesn’t quite fit with the color scheme of the other pieces that I picked out for myself, that’s why.

Tip: If you know someone getting married soon, you might purchase a Mentionables gift card for them. Or suggest that they make a Mentionables wish list with their favorite pieces in the sizes that they would wear, so that you and other guests at their bridal shower or bachelorette party can gift them with something fun that they’ll love and wear often!

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Put something lacy on every night when you’re getting ready for bed

This tip comes from Jordan and Bubba Page of Fun Cheap or Free during one of their live q&a’s about marriage last year. Jordan shared that when they were going to marriage counseling, one of the topics that they had been discussing was intimacy, increasing libido and being more spontaneous. She talked about the expectation that comes when you put on something lacy at night rather than slipping into your comfiest pajamas, and the assumption that you’re not in the mood or up for the idea of intimacy if you do immediately jump into your pajamas.

One of the things she said their therapist suggested was that instead of changing into pajamas at the end of the day, Jordan and Bubba might consider putting on something sexy every night for the time when they are getting ready for bed, reading, or whatever they do as part of their bedtime routine. Making that change doesn’t mean that they have to be intimate every single night, but it does change the atmosphere around bedtime and can increase the intimacy in your marriage if you let it. I thought it was an interesting idea and is something that I’ve thought about doing. Wearing something lacy every night for an extended amount of time definitely makes purchasing a variety of pieces worth it!

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Wear only your lingerie for at home date nights

We have date nights at home more often than we go out. I love the idea of closing all of the blinds and slipping into something lacy to add a little excitement to your planned date night activity. If you have kids at home who would potentially get out of bed and stumble on your at home date night, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, playing a board game, or watching a movie on the couch, you might need to rethink this suggestion or plan accordingly.

Bring a few pieces on an overnight date, romantic getaway or couples only vacation

Overnight getaways are something that we have chosen to make a priority in our marriage, even after we had kids. Whenever we get away, we go to a B&B or a hotel or inn that caters to couples looking to get away and reconnect. Those hotels often provide robes for you to wear during your stay, and I take full advantage of that comfortable amenity. The next time we get away together, I plan on bring some of my favorite pieces and slipping into them during our stay instead of spending my weekend in the provided robe.

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It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been married, what stage of life you are in or where you are at in your body love journey, you deserve to have an up to date lingerie collection with pieces that you love and feel confident in. Whether you choose to make a purchase from Mentionables or not, make an investment in your marriage and yourself!

Tip: When you are shopping on Mentionables consider grabbing the panties and/or robe that matches the babydoll, chemise or teddy that you pick out.

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