The Beauty of Creating Date Night, In the Moment

A few years ago we realized that by making our every day routines a little extra special sometimes, we were sort of turning them into a date! For example, sitting on the couch together, drinking hot chocolate or eating ice cream and talking at the end of a long day, instead of ignoring each other and spending time on your phone turns your nightly wind down into a mini date. I call these extra special or spontaneous dates, “date moments” and I think they’re a great way to date your spouse on a daily basis or when you feel like you don’t have time to get out for a date. There’s always time for date night, you might just need to be creative with what date night looks like! If you have five minutes, you can date your spouse!

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Turn Every Day Moments into a Date Night

Late Night Treat

At night, after the kids have gone to bed or you’re both done with your responsibilities for the day, instead of turning on Netflix or pulling out your phones, make a treat together. This can be simple like grabbing a Popsicle or another treat that you have on hand.

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Relax Together

I’ve never been good at just sitting and doing nothing. I always have to be doing something or working on a project. So those moments when we just sit and snuggle and talk and be in the moment are good ones. If you can find time to sit and relax together every day, setting aside everything else that you feel like you should be doing, you’ll be creating a really great ritual of quality time.

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Spend Time Outside

We love sitting out in the fresh air together. Whether we’re chilling on the deck, stargazing from our roof, or watering our plants and cleaning up the yard. When the weather is chilly, we’ll cuddle up in a blanket and sit together to stay warm. If it’s raining, we’ll sit where we can’t get wet or open the windows and imagine we’re outside while we watch the storm.

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After the dishes or done, or maybe even before you start dinner clean up, have a dance party. It’s fun to move and dance and enjoy music together. Throw in a few slow songs so that you can get close and enjoy the moment. This would also be a nice nightly ritual after the kids are in bed. Relax and slow down together while you dance cheek to cheek and increase the intimacy in your relationship.

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I’m not generally a spontaneous person, although I’m trying to be more flexible and go with the flow, but date moments are a spontaneity that I can get on board with! No matter what your current stage of life looks like, date your spouse in the moments you have together each day!

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