The Whole Story - Where Life Took Us

In high school, I admired Joe from a far, and after graduation we went our separate ways, but life led us right back to where we started so that we could fall in love.

After high school I didn't see much of Joe because we both went on with life and didn't really cross paths. I heard about him occasionally if I was around some of his friends or people who knew him and every once and a while I would go past his house. However, I was up at school for 14 months and he left the country for two years a couple of months before I graduated, so moments like that were rare. 

What Joe Did...

*Disclaimer* Joe personally approved everything that I shared about his life in this post! :)

I don't have a lot of pictures from Joe's post high school/pre-Amberly life, but I have enough to paint a fairly decent picture of what he was up to!

His summers included a lot of time out mowing lawns, growing his business and eating Taco Bell. Because in Joe's world, there is nothing better than a meal at Taco Bell after a long day of mowing. A little bit of retail security was also thrown into the mix. I think it's safe to say that Joe wasn't really working, he was just getting paid to have fun and do the things he loves!

He autographed this picture and gave it to people hahaha

During that time, Joe owned his favorite car, the one he still reminisces about from time to time. He saw it driving around town about a year ago and had to take a picture because he was so excited. It may have cost a lot of money to fill it up and drive it, but Joe loved that the backseats would all fold down... you know, for going camping with his buddies...

On September 17, 2008, Joe entered the MTC and from there went to Merida, Mexico (The Yucatan Peninsula, aka Cancun) to serve a two year LDS mission. He spent a lot of time in the offices as the secretary to the mission president, walking the streets in Mexico and eating a lot of food that he still dreams about eating.

Classic Joe 

Whenever Joe looks at this picture, he starts to salivate. I can guarantee we'll be eating this A LOT when we go back.

After two years in the heat and humidity of beautiful Mexico, on September 24, 2010 (about a month before we met), Joe had to come home.

What Amberly Did...

The summer after I graduated high school was filled with a lot of memories. My best friend and I tried to hang out every single day, I had a lot of fun working at Pier 49 Pizza and we went to a Josh Groban concert. We called it our last summer in Neverland.

To say we were REALLY excited for this concert would be an understatement. They even upgraded our seats for free!

I moved away from home over Labor Day weekend and started cosmetology school at The Hair Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Rexburg, Idaho. My best friend was up there with me, but I was living with girls I didn't know until I got there and we were in a town with very few people that we knew. It was a crazy, fun adventure. I met a lot of new people, learned a lot about myself, and got out of my bubble! Sometimes I miss my college life.

Just a crazy theme day at school! With my roomy!

My first Rexburg storm, it was October and FREEZING cold.

We decided to have costumes that matched!

The most fun I've ever had with a Halloween costume!

School! so much black and so much fun!

We're in college, but we still act like children. Finger painting with chocolate pudding

Just another day at school! I'm in the center with the striped dress and pigtails.

Some of our class celebrating our one year mark of school!

The day before Thanksgiving 2008, I packed up my belongings into my car, we had a feast at school and then I moved home. Over the next two years, I started my career as a cosmetologist, worked more at Pier 49 Pizza, quit there and started working my office job, bought my first car, met a lot of new people, all of my best friends got married, I went on a few big trips with my family, road tripped with friends and had a lot of fun!

Girl's Nights

Washington D.C. with my family

Visiting old friends in Rexburg

Secondhand Serenade concert

I bought my first car

My best friend got married

We turned 21 and decided to celebrate together

Halloween at the salon

Visiting friends in Provo

Disneyworld with my family... I'm ridiculously tan... and I don't know where my other sister is...

At the Paul McCartney concert

Sorry for the picture overload, but that's the story of where life took us between high school and the time we met up again!

What was going on in your life before you met your spouse?