How I Applied to Date my Husband

The night I met Joe and became his Facebook friend, I found this status that he'd written earlier that day:

(Thank you FB timeline for making this easier to find years later!) There is a whole conversation below, between a few of his guy friends, about whether or not they can apply for the position. It was all a bit silly, but then again, Joe is a silly person!

Fast forward to a few weeks later when we are dating, but not officially. I spent a Saturday night hanging out in Provo with a bunch of my friends and Joe spent the night hanging out with a bunch of his guy friends around town, so we were having one of our late night, pre-bedtime, phone chats that always happened on days when we didn't get to spend any time together. During our conversation, somehow the whole application for a girlfriend FB status got brought up and Joe mentioned that I hadn't applied yet. I told him that I didn't know I was supposed to apply, and his response was, "Do you want to apply?" This is how conversations between the two of us always seemed to go, he was obvious with his intentions without ever actually coming out and saying it, and somehow I was always the one stuck in a corner having to flat out admit my feelings for him. It was like a game to Joe and he loved every minute of it!

The next day, I got a BRILLIANT idea! I went online to try and find a good application to date a return missionary, one of those funny joke things that LDS missionaries do to keep themselves entertained I guess. I struck gold and found one that looked like an official church document, so I edited it a little bit to fit Joe and then I went to town. That Sunday afternoon, my family and I had way too much fun thinking up funny answers for the application, drawing a map of our house, etc. It was AWESOME!!!! I attached a picture of Joe and I together at a wedding reception that we'd gone to a few days before and then I raided my mom's candy stash and attached his favorite candy bar (rather than the cookies that the application asked for) and we were all set to go. I tried to keep the whole thing light hearted and silly, with a few serious answers where they were necessary, because I didn't want him thinking I was too much of a freak, but he'd asked for an application and an application he was going to get. I was super excited about it, and I was feeling really, really clever!

The picture I attached! (It was from a cell phone.)

Joe and I had planned to go to a local young single adult fireside together that night, so I decided that I'd give him my application in the car on our way there. The whole time he was reading it, he was really quiet and didn't give much indication about what was going through his head. I was a little disappointed because I don't think he was as entertained by the situation as I was, but it was still pretty great! After the meeting, and after we'd hung out with his family for a little bit, he grabbed my application again and we sat on the couch for a while and laughed over it.

Later that night, I accepted my newest position as girlfriend of Joe and the whole story still makes me giggle to this day!

Just a few of my favorite questions from the application:

How did you snag your spouse?