The Whole Story - Anticipating the First Kiss

In high school, I admired Joe from a far, and after graduation we went our separate ways, but life led us right back to where we started so that we could fall in love.

The first time Joe and I held hands, there was a lot of anticipation because he was fresh off the mission and still a little afraid of girls. Our first kiss felt the same way, but that time Joe was teasing me and being cruel. It was the best and last first kiss I ever had!

I remember a couple of things about the day of my last first kiss (yes, it really was that big of a deal and requires that dramatic of a sentence). On my way home from somewhere (I don't remember that detail), I stopped to pick Joe up from his house. Rather than just meeting me in the driveway like normal, he had me come in and meet his mom, she was the first family member of his I met. I also remember what I was wearing that day, but only because that shirt is now Joe's favorite and he likes it so much because it reminds him of that day. (Guys remember the most random details from things...) We also hadn't hung out in three days which feels like an eternity when you like someone a lot.

We'll call this my last first kiss outfit

The first few weeks that Joe and I were dating, we watched a lot of Harry Potter because he had never seen any of the movies. That night we watched the second Harry Potter and cuddled, it was perfect. I used to call our cuddling huggling because it was more like an extended hug, he'd just wrap me up in his arms and hold me while we watched movies, it was my favorite. (That never happens anymore because Joe gets too hot and likes his space. Marriage will do that to you...)

My journal entry for that day was really short, but I recorded the moment and that's what matter's most, right? 

"After the movie was over, we were just talking and laughing and he kept putting his face close to mine (like in the picture at the beginning of this post) and acted like he was going to kiss me and yet he didn't for like half an hour. It was really fun to sit there and talk and be anticipating it, I don't know. I really, really like this boy. Five years ago, watching him in seminary, I never would've thought I'd be kissing him down the road."

I remember being so anxious for him to just kiss me and it made me really ticklish. (I don't know how that works, but it did.) He'd touch my arm, my side, my face, etc. and I would giggle because it tickled. And then he start asking me why I was so anxious and what I was waiting for. He knew he was torturing me and he enjoyed every minute of it. The end result was worth it though! ;)

What was your first kiss like? Either with your spouse or your first kiss in general.