The Whole Story - A Wedding Recap

In high school, I admired Joe from a far, and after graduation we went our separate ways, but life led us right back to where we started so that we could fall in love.

The first time Joe saw me after our actual ceremony (because I didn't get married in my actual wedding dress, but more on that in a later post), his face was priceless. I'll let that make up for the fact that the official first look wasn't as romantic as I would have wanted it to be.

This post is the last in The Whole Story series, sad I know! What better way to end our love story than with a wedding?! We were married June 7th, 2011 in the Bountiful LDS Temple and it was the perfect day for a June wedding!

bountiful utah temple

We got married just after noon, which is actually pretty late for a Mormon wedding ceremony. It was the perfect time for us though! I was able to sleep in, get my hair done, do my makeup and I still had time to spare. Our ceremony was perfect and I was so happy to finally be married to the love of my life!

You can read more about our wedding ceremony here and look at more pictures from the temple here.

After lots of pictures, we headed to a local reception center for our wedding luncheon. I felt bad because when we walked in, everyone was waiting patiently for us to get there so we could eat and I was munching on fruit snacks because I had been hungry. ;) Lunch was delicious, we had a fun program and enjoyed time with our close friends and family!

You can find more pictures from our luncheon here and watch the fun videos from our program here.

^^ Just because it's our wedding doesn't mean we have to be classy

After that, the real party began! We headed back to my parent's house to finish setting up for the wedding reception. We had a steady line of friends, family and neighbors to greet all night long and had a lot of fun chatting and catching up with people. Everyone's favorite part of the reception were the delicious cupcakes, people still mention them to me three years later.

You can see more pictures from our wedding reception here and our not so graceful cake videos here.

wedding bouquet ideas

After such a perfect day and all of the planning that went into our wedding, we were happy to escape to Park City for a few days of relaxation and honeymooning.

You can see pictures and read about our honeymoon here.

I had a lot of fun looking through pictures and reminiscing on our wedding day. I still remember so many random little details. I can't believe it will be three years this Saturday, I feel like we just barely celebrated our second anniversary.