How We Celebrated One Year!

I feel like our anniversary celebration lasted half of a week because of how spread out our celebrating was. Our actual anniversary was on a Thursday, and we decided to work through Friday this year rather than taking the weekend off to go somewhere. We did go to dinner on Thursday and I gave Joe his gift, (more on that later) so we celebrated a little bit, but the real party didn't happen until the weekend.

I had told Joe that he was in charge of planning our anniversary this year and that we'd switch off every other year, but I think he felt like I took over on some things this year! Sorry babe!!!

First, my parents gave us this awesome card that is totally us and I really loved it!

On our anniversary we went to Chili's and picked out some movies for the weekend.  It wasn't super eventful but we just loved that we got to spend time together.

Friday and Saturday we really celebrated and spent all of our time together! It was really great! We both went to work on Friday, but Joe got off early so that we could have some good, quality time together! This is the picture that Joe took before we left. I wish it wasn't so blurry because I think it's kind of cute, but he was annoyed that I made him take one, so he just hurried.

We went to The Prairie Schooner for dinner on Friday night. I had never been there before and I'm not a huge meat eater so I wasn't sure how much I'd love it. Joe had steak and I had pork chop and it was the most tender, delicious pork chop I've ever eaten! The atmosphere was really great and I loved how cozy and private the wagon was. I think we'll eat there again sometime, for a special occasion because it was yummy and really fun!

prairie schooner

There's that tradition of saving the top layer of your wedding cake to eat on your one year anniversary. We didn't have a wedding cake that had a top layer, but we had delicious cupcakes, and even though we hadn't saved any, the week of our anniversary I had a brilliant idea. There's a boutique in Bountiful that I knew at one time sold the cupcakes that we had at our wedding, so I called them to find out if they still did and they said yes!! I was so excited!!! There was a little issue, so we didn't get the cupcakes for our actual anniversary, but I picked up two cookies and cream ones on Friday before we left and we ate them once we got to our hotel. We were able to sort of keep that tradition and have fresh cupcakes rather than frozen ones. They were fantastic!!!

I found an awesome deal on Groupon a few months back for The Alaskan Inn up Ogden Canyon. I have a friend who raves about that place and goes once or twice a year, so I decided to get the deal so that we could have a night away and go on a mini trip. We stayed in The Northern Lights suite and it was pretty cool. It was a gorgeous room and the grounds outside were beautiful!

I only wish they'd had a shower! The tub was great and I love taking baths, but trying to wash your hair so that you can get ready in the morning is not so fun in a tub. I felt like I was little again, rinsing my hair under the tap. 

The lights were the best part. This was the best picture we could get of them. They looked like stars and it was awesome! I left them on all night long. And you can see the northern light affect on the wall behind the tub, they had a black light that did that. I LOVED it!!

Saturday we drove down to Layton and went to see Madagascar 3 at Tinseltown (see picture below). After the movie, we ran some errands at the mall. Joe got a protective covering for his phone screen so that he could activate his new phone and we both got some new jeans at American Eagle. Then we went to The Brick Oven for lunch and headed home.

I still needed to go grocery shopping, so after Joe had activated his phone and played with it for a little bit, we went to Target and stopped at Cafe Rio on our way home. Below is Joe enjoying his burrito. If you know Joe, you'll know that I really regretted giving him steak one night and a burrito the next, but oh well, the guy was happy! We watched our fourth movie for the weekend while we ate dinner, and then after the movie we picked up the apartment a bit and went on a walk so that we didn't feel so lazy.

It was a great weekend! We watched four or five movies and were just lazy, but it was nice to hang out and relax together. With our busy lives, that never happens and when we get the chance, we take advantage of it! Hooray for our lazy anniversary weekend!

How did you celebrate a year of marriage?