Why Joe is my Perfect Man (An Anniversary Post)

Two years ago today, we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Bountiful temple! The first two years of our marriage have been happy, fun, frustrating, trying, and a learning experience. I look forward to what the rest of our eternity brings!

I've dated or had a crush on A LOT of guys in my life, and I was convinced that every single one of them was the perfect one for me. With some of them, it quickly became obvious that wasn't the case and with others it took until I was engaged to Joe to have that "ah ha" moment of why it didn't work out with all of those guys in the past.

Joe really is my perfect man, and I'm more sure of it every single day. The little things he does, the big gestures of love, there isn't a single thing he does that would make him my not perfect man.

He listens to me - I am a talker, I get excited about almost any little thing, and I the gears in my brain are always churning out some great new idea! There was one night, at the beginning of my whole dive into blogging time, when we were on a walk and I think I talked for 80% of the time about the girls I was meeting, the fun things I was learning, the big plans I had for the blog, and exciting things that I wanted to write about. Joe was so patient and attentive and just listened to everything that I had to say. Later that night, I was laying in bed thinking, 'Man, this guy is seriously so perfect for me!' He can talk and carry on a great conversation with me, but when I just need or want him to listen, he can do that as well.

He makes me laugh - Just the other night, we were driving home from running errands and husband was spouting off the most random, entertaining things ever, I couldn't stop laughing. With that guy in my life, there is never a dull moment. He says and does the most ridiculous things, and I just can't get enough of him! He can even make me laugh when I am crazy upset about something he's said or done, and I can never stay mad at him for long.

He lets me live my dreams - In our house, we plan big, and I say plan because it's never, "I wish I could do this one day..." instead we say things like, "When I achieve this in the future..." Our dreams aren't what if's, or something that would be nice if it happened, we plan on it happening and do what we need to do to get there. Joe really doesn't understand the point of college, but he fully supports and encourages me to get the degree I want to.

He buys me things I need - This one sounds silly, but it's the truth. I get texts from him ALL the time saying, "I bought you a present" and when he gets home, it's always something that sensible that I've talked about getting but still see as a bit of a splurge. All of my anniversary, Christmas and birthday gifts have been really useful items, things that I've talked about getting and have a need for, but that I won't just drop money on. I feel like he puts a lot of thought into my gifts rather than just buying something that I could maybe enjoy.

He encourages me to be financially smart - Joe and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to money, I LOVE to spend and he LOVES to save. This has been a struggle sometimes, but it is also a really good thing because we balance each other out. It's because of him that we are debt free, he comes up with new budgeting ideas that will help us spend less on frivolous stuff and save more toward a house. But I am really good at convincing him to relax and have fun some times, we're debt free, we should enjoy it a little bit right?

I could go on and on, but I won't bore you! I'm so glad that I ended up with the man I did, he is perfect for me and I love him so much! Happy anniversary lover!!!