The Whole Story - Getting Engaged

In high school, I admired Joe from a far, and after graduation we went our separate ways, but life led us right back to where we started so that we could fall in love. Three years ago tomorrow, Joe popped the question and asked me to be his wife so I figured today would be the perfect day to share another part of our story!

The week we got engaged, I was really impatient and annoying because I just wanted it to be official and thought Joe had plenty of opportunities to propose before he actually did! On Friday he insisted we go to a dance together because he was sure I'd regret it if I didn't and he knew I really wanted to go. I told him I wasn't feeling the greatest and would be really happy if we stayed home and snuggled in front of a movie, but he was persistent so I thought something was up. The next night we went to the symphony together, they played Broadway music (my favorite) and then we took a romantic stroll through the city after it rained. I was really anxious by the time he proposed on Tuesday, so naturally, I ruined his proposal. I do kind of feel bad about it, but we have a great story to tell, so I don't feel too guilty. ;)

I should also add (for those of you who went and read our proposal story and know how he popped the question), that Joe had plans to take me up the canyon and propose there, but it was still closed because of snow that year. He had a few other ideas, but none of them worked out either, so he was probably as anxious and frustrated as I was by the time the proposal happened.

What sticks out to you the most about the proposal?

Joe: "That you were mean." .... "You were, you were a monster that day and the previous day." (Obviously he loved the monster in me because he still proposed.)

Amberly: I was really paranoid because I was pretty sure I knew what was going on, but I didn't want to be surprised because I'm weird.

What was going through your mind when the proposal was happening?

Joe: "I don't know, you were making it difficult that's all." (I make a lot of things in life difficult.)

Amberly: I just wanted him to propose already!

What was the best part about being engaged?

Joe: (He raised his eyebrows at me) "I don't know." (I guess being engaged wasn't awesome for him.)

Amberly: Nothing really stands out to me, but I think finally being able to plan our life together without people thinking we were weird was exciting!

What was the worst part about being engaged.

Joe: "Planning your shiz? I don't know!" (He hates answering questions for me, and he had some dramatic "tantrum" moments when we'd ask him to help plan something.)

Amberly: It was stressful because I had mono, had a full time job and was took four classes online. I wanted to spend every waking minute with Joe and couldn't.

Favorite wedding planning memory?

Joe: "The honeymoon!" (And then he

Amberly: Hmm.. I think watching it all come together the day off. The decorations, the food, the backyard, etc. It was perfect!

When did you know for sure you wanted to marry me?

Joe: "I don't know, look it up in your journal" (Um... I don't write your thoughts in my journal dude!) "I can't remember that far back! I can't even remember what I had for lunch!"

Amberly: I'm not sure there was a distinct moment when I thought, 'I'm going to marry him.' I just remember dating Joe was different than any of the other guys I'd dated and I hated the days when I couldn't see him. Just being with him and doing nothing made my day better even if I was already having a fantastic day!