Wedding Luncheon Song Videos

For Christmas, Joe's younger brother put all of our pictures and videos into one awesome slideshow/video with music and all that jazz and at the same time, he put all of the videos on a disc for me so that I could upload some of them to my blog and stuff, and I'm kind of excited!

These two videos are from our luncheon. In the next few days, I'll upload some from the reception. Seven months after the wedding, it's about time right?!

This video is of the aunt's famous traditional song! I guess for years they've written lyrics and put them to a famous tune that has to do with the married couple and their love story. I'm still convinced that ours is the best yet, even though I've only heard one other one, but it's pretty great, I'm not going to lie! Enjoy our exclusive song set to the tune of 'Ebony and Ivory'.

When you're a singer and you get married, it's only right that you sing something to your new spouse! I don't write music unfortunately, so I sang 'Unexpected Song' from the musical Song and Dance.

Did you have any special songs at your wedding?