The Whole Story - Where We Ended Up

In high school, I admired Joe from a far, and after graduation we went our separate ways, but life led us right back to where we started so that we could fall in love.

I went to Rexburg, he went to Mexico, and we both ended up right back where we started, living three blocks away from each other. I never would have thought that life would lead me right back to the boy I once admired from afar in high school.


At the end of August that year, two months before I started dating Joe, I wrote a couple of posts on my personal blog sharing my feelings about life. In the Lord's Time and No More Waiting are two of my favorite posts I've ever written. I decided to stop being frustrated with life, let go of what I thought my life should be and enjoy whatever came my way!

The year before I met Joe was super emotional when it came to anything involving dating or guys. At the beginning of October, I decided that I was done trying. A lot of my guy friends were getting home from missions and I had a fun group of guys that I'd been hanging out with all summer, so it only made sense that I should just have fun and not worry about playing the dating game anymore.

There were a lot of nights when I would hang out by myself, and I was starting to really enjoy it. I loved nights when I could take a long bath, read a book, watch a chick flick, paint my toenails, lay on my bed and listen to Showtunes, spend hours at the piano singing, etc. I went running every day and was in great shape, I had a couple of great jobs and was saving up a lot of money, and I was doing a lot of fun, independent things that are easier to do when you're single.

In September of 2010, I started school, I had no clue what I wanted to go into, but I was finally going to have that associates degree that I'd always wanted. And after a few years away from it, I had started voice lessons again and was loving it. I had big plans for myself over the next year, I set goals, and I was loving life. So naturally, it was the perfect time for me to fall in love!


I can't really speak for Joe and tell you what his thoughts were on life. I thought about having him write it up on his own, but I didn't do that in time and needed to get this post scheduled. But I can tell you what he was up to!

Three or four weeks before we met, Joe returned home from his two year LDS mission to Merida, Mexico. And not to make him sound bad, but his life wasn't very exciting yet. He didn't have a car, and he had a job offer, but they were waiting on his background check which takes a lot longer than normal when you've just spent two years out of the country.

From what he's told me, Joe spent a lot of time catching up on all of the TV shows that he'd missed over the last couple of years. He and his mom would go to lunch sometimes, he caught up with old friends, and got together with some of his mission buddies every so often. And there were a couple of dates with another girl or two before he started dating me. He was waiting oh so patiently for life to start, and by life, I mean his relationship with his future wife!

What were your feelings about the dating game when you met your spouse?