The Whole Story - Why We Got Married When We Did

In high school, I admired Joe from a far, and after graduation we went our separate ways, but life led us right back to where we started so that we could fall in love.

By the time we'd been dating a month, Joe and I both knew that we wanted to marry each other, we just needed to decide when. If you read our first married Thanksgiving post, you can find out how the topic of marriage first came up in our relationship, but I'll tell you that it was over the phone and we didn't discuss it much. 

A week or so later, when I was dropping Joe off after my work Christmas party, we had a good talk about it in his driveway. We decided that it made the most sense for us to get married in October of that next year (2011). Joe had just gotten home from his mission and was getting ready to start up his lawn care business again. I was still building a clientele at the salon and we were both only making part time consistent income. There was no way financially that we could get married in early summer and Joe couldn't take that much time off during the busiest part of mowing season, so October it was. I had always wanted a fall wedding, so that worked for me.

At my company Christmas party

Within a few weeks, I decided that I didn't want to wait another ten months to marry Joe. I was falling even more in love with him and I just really wanted to be his wife. I suggested May or June as a new option, but Joe was really hesitant because it just wouldn't be smart financially, and although I was disappointed, I went with it. 

I didn't have to wait very long for Joe to change his mind. We went on a really awesome double date with two of our best friends and I guess he had just as much fun as I did. After he dropped me off and got back home, I got a text or a phone call telling me that he didn't want to wait until October either and that we were going to find a way to make it work, even if we had to live in his parent's basement for the first few months.

After watching Tangled on an amazing date

Over the next month, things started falling into place. Joe had been working full time hours because of the holiday season and he did such an amazing job over those couple of months that they asked him to keep those hours permanently. I got mono, which might not sound positive, but it forced me to cut back hours at the salon so I could rest and that gave me the time to start working full time at the office when they asked me to a month later. All of the sudden, we were both making more than enough money to cover living expenses and would have no problem planning a June wedding. After those amazing answers to prayer, I had no doubt that Joe and I were supposed to get married when we did.

What determined the time frame for when you decided to get married?