Story of a Ring

I decided to share another random story with you today. And as I was writing this post, I realized that two years ago tomorrow is our engagiversary, (is that a word?) so it's kind of fitting that I'm telling this story now!

When Joe and I first started to talk about marriage, I told him that I didn't want to go ring shopping with him and I wanted him to pick out my ring on his own. I had a few specifications; I knew that I wanted my ring to be white gold, I wanted the main diamond to be a princess cut, and I wanted that diamond to be embedded in the setting a little bit so that I could wear it while working at the salon without worrying about it getting in my way or filling up with gunk. I think I sent him pictures of a few rings that I liked, but I wanted him to pick out something unique and personal so I told him that he could just use them to get ideas.

Joe researched rings, showed salespeople the rings that I liked, and in the end, he found what he was looking for at The Shane Company. I don't remember if husband found the ring he wanted on his first visit there or not, but I do remember the first time he showed it to me. We were on a date at Pier 49 Pizza and he pulled out his phone to show me a picture of the ring that he had picked out. I wish I had a picture of the original ring to show you, but I don't, well, it's probably still on one of my old phones somewhere, but that would take time and effort to find, so you'll just have to pretend that you know what it looks like. I will admit, at first I was hesitant about the ring he picked out because even though the main diamond was princess cut, the side diamonds were round, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that. I don't know if it was because the diamonds in the ring that I loved so much before were all princess cut, or because I couldn't fathom square and round in the same design, but I didn't know how I felt about it. After I'd secretly sent the ring picture to my own phone while Joe was out of the room and looked at it over and over again over the next day or two, I fell in love with the design and couldn't wait to see how it looked after he had customized it and made it even more unique. (I admitted my first thoughts to Joe later on down the road, after enough time had gone by that he could laugh about it instead of feeling bad.)

In case you are curious about what the ring looked like before it was customized, the main diamond was set up out of the ring and the square was on point held in by prongs at the corners. I don't know if that makes sense, or helps you picture the original ring design, but oh well!

princess cut engagement ring

^^My finished engagement ring

The final engagement ring was perfect and so me! People were constantly grabbing my hand to look at it and the two words that I always heard when they did were "unique" and "pretty". 

The way my ring was customized is so unique that the jeweler couldn't customize the wedding band that came with it in the set to sit flush against the engagement band like it was originally designed to do. Actually, a month or so before we got married, we went into the store to find out how long it would take them to customize my wedding band and sauter it to the engagement band so that it would be done in time for our wedding and they told us that it could take up to three weeks and even then the wedding band might break and not be usable afterward. Apparently we talked to the wrong person because when we went back a year after we got married, (it took me that long to decide that I wanted to try and add my wedding band after all) they took care of it within a few days, and now my ring looks even more unique than before.

unique wedding band

^^My ring with the wedding band

That's the story of the ring that I love given to me by the man that I love.

What's the story of your wedding ring?