The Proposal - How I Ruin Everything

I'd been waiting so extremely patiently for...a while...for the engagement to be official. Sometimes I lose my patience and poor Joe gets tormented! Kudos to him because he never gives in and always stands his ground, so this was still mostly a surprise!

We went to Parowan this weekend on a road trip to stay with Joe's Grandma. On Monday, when we stopped in to get gas at the local Maverik, one of Joe's friends pulled into the parking lot in his truck and I heard him, through the windows, say "Did you do it? Are you going to?" Yep, very obvious. I gave him crap about it when he got in the car and he denied everything trying to make me think that I was hearing things that really weren't happening, HA! Add to that the fact that ANYTIME his phone went off on the drive down or around town, I'd offer to read his message for him and he'd say no, or he'd snatch his phone up from wherever it was. I was a very suspicious girlfriend, especially since I'd been expecting it for quite a while.

Joe kept mentioning that he was craving Chinese food, so I finally told him that we should have it for lunch tomorrow (Tuesday). Monday night I wasn't very nice to him and kept telling him that he didn't trust me with his phone and thought I would read things I wasn't supposed to and then I gave him more grief over the fact that my finger was still empty. (Note to Self: When you're tired and sick, go to bed instead of torturing Joe.) That night I had a dream that Joe put my ring in a fortune cookie at the Chinese food place and proposed that way. All morning I was paranoid and it just got worse when Joe said he was going to go get lunch and told me to stay at his Grandma's and wait for him. Joe is normally a person who likes to go out to eat and sit there at the restaurant, he isn't a big fan of takeout, so I started getting really suspicious but I figured that I was just freaking myself out because I'd had that random dream. I talked to Grandma Iris for a bit, she left and I did some homework and put the sheets in the dryer, and Joe still wasn't back! An hour to get Chinese food, really? Well, when you have to drive 20 minutes to Cedar City, it makes sense, but I didn't realize that at the time. I started texting my friend about how I'd had this dream and I really thought it might happen, but that if it didn't, I would probably be more frustrated because I'd worked myself up to it. (Yes, I bring a lot of things upon myself.)

Joe finally came back and got our food all put on plates, complete with our fortune cookie. I moved my fortune cookie off of my plate so that it wouldn't get sauce on it and tried to decide if I thought it felt like a ring was in there, but it really didn't. I was still paranoid though and suspicious. When we finished eating, I picked up my fortune cookie and Joe sort of reached for his but I think he changed his mind. I didn't like that he was just watching me, so I told him that he should open his too and he told me, "No." This is how the dialogue sort of went:

Me: "Are you sure you don't want to read yours?"

Joe: "Yep."

Me: "Why not?"

Joe: "You should just read yours first."

Me: "Can I read yours for you?"

Joe: "No."

Me: "I'll just read it for you, ok?"

I picked up his cookie and he kind of shrugged at me, so I cracked it open and saw the bottom part of the ring.

Me: "You're so dumb!" (Great reaction right?!)

Joe got down on one knee and I kissed him before he said anything...Oh, and I'd put my ring on my plate almost in my sauce.

Joe: "Will you marry me?"

Me: "Yeah" or "Uh huh" or something like that

Joe: "You were supposed to open your cookie first."

Yep, I ruined things because I didn't want to feel stupid when I opened my cookie. I don't know what was going through my head, but it worked so it's ok! The paper inside my cookie said, 'Just say "Yes!"'. I always tease him that if he waits to long to actually propose, I'll say no to him. Now we are officially engaged, and now I can tell people that we are getting married on June 7th 2011......if Joe doesn't get sick of my abuse before then ;)!

Am I the only one who got a little crazy before they got engaged?