Dating Your Spouse Daily Resources

Thank you for participating in The Wives Workshop! I had so much fun discussing what dating each other looks like in marriage and took some new ideas home with me that I learned from all of you. I hope that you were inspired to be in constant pursuit of your mate. I know that your marriage will be stronger because of it!

I wanted to share some resources that I love. Some of the links below are affiliate links (I receive a small commission off your purchase, no added cost to you), but I only share them because I truly love them and think that they are of value for marriage relationships. I hope some of the articles, products and websites help you in your pursuit of strengthening your marriage!


Spontaneity and Silliness

A Hysterical Night of Group Games - Check out The Date Night Game for Couples from The Dating Divas! I think this sounds like the perfect thing to do with your closest couple friends. It's sure to keep you laughing!

Squirt Gun/Nerf Gun Wars - We've all seen the note floating around Pinterest and Facebook, "Welcome home. This gun is yours. I have one, too. Game on!" This blog post has the card put together for you, plus an idea for a fun date night spin on it. The nice thing about their "invite" is that it can be used for nerf gun wars or squirt gun wars. I loved Katie's suggestion at the workshop to play in the dark. You could even use these glow in the dark nerf darts or glow in the dark body paint to make it more exciting.

Other Ideas: Start a water fight or have a dance party in the kitchen. Remember that planned spontaneity can still be fun and silly!


Rituals and Traditions

The Book of Family Traditions - This is one of my very favorite books! It has a tradition/ritual idea for EVERYTHING, plus it explains why traditions and rituals are so important for a family. I browse through it at least once a year to see if there is anything that we can adopt in our family to help create more meaning and build memories.

Holidays - Each of the holidays have traditions of their own, but I love creating little traditions to make them more meaningful for my marriage, like the tradition that my husband and I have of opening our Christmas presents at midnight Christmas Eve/Day each year.

  • My friend Camille just put out this post of over 150 Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas (plus a few for families) that is a great resource!
  • Each year at Thanksgiving time, I like to put a jar in our bedroom with slips of paper and a pen next to it. Throughout the month of November, we work to fill that jar with things that we are thankful to each other for and then we read them together the night before or morning of Thanksgiving.
  • If you're looking for a way to make Christmas more memorable for you as a couple, check out this post of 101 Christmas Traditions for Couples from The Dating Divas.

Physical Touch

8 Touches a Day - Don't forget to check out this post on my site. It has all of the research behind the 8-10 touches a day, plus simple ideas for meeting your physical touch "quota". These ideas will appeal to anyone, even those who aren't big cuddlers.

The Game of Love - I saw a DIY version of this on Pinterest a few years ago but was really excited when they created a product. You can tailor this game to fit your comfort level and relationship and it's a really fun way to spice up the physical touch in your marriage.


Connect Through Conversation

Connect Like You Did When You First Met - This book has been my favorite, ever since I got it a couple of years ago. I take it in my purse with me, it sits in the glove box on long drives, and I bring it out some evenings during our Rooftop Rendezvous. There are a lot of really fun questions and questions that will start some really good discussions between the two of you.

100 Conversational Questions to Ask Your Spouse - Don't forget about the great printout that Amy provided for you in your swag bag! I've already seen multiple stories on Instagram from those of you who have pulled this out on date night or at home and had successful conversations because of it!

Conversation Starter Cards - I got these cards from The Dating Divas a few months ago and I am a BIG FAN! Over 200 questions covering five different topics; intimacy, finances, romance, quality time and family. I haven't found a card in the set that I don't like. There are cards for deep and intimate discussions as well as cards for more casual conversation.

Text Messages - This is my current favorite text message pack, I send one to my husband every couple of weeks or as the occasion arises.


Try Something New

Date Night Bucket Lists - My husband and I create one of these every year to keep us out of a date night rut. I love these free printables from The Dating Divas. You can also read these two articles on my site: How to Create Your Own Date Night Bucket List and How to Decide What Dates to Include on Your Bucket List.

Hobbies - We talked a lot about hobbies, trying something new together and trying out each other's hobbies on the night of the workshop. Here's a list of over 10 hobby ideas for couples, you should be able to find something fun and exciting to try that's new!


Regular Date Night

If you haven't downloaded my ebook yet, make sure you use the code that you received in your swag bag to get it for free!

Date Night Boxes - Be sure to take advantage of the great discounts in your swag bag, along with the free box that Crated with Love was so generous to provide. Date night boxes are a great way to have date night if you aren't able to get out on regular basis in your current stage of life.

Check out The Dating Divas site and The Diva Store for more creative ways to make date night fun and spice up your regular date night routine (like dinner and a movie).

Friday We're in Love - Camille has a lot of fun date night ideas for out on the town and at home. She divides them by price, type, location and season so there's something fun to find for anyone, at any stage and at any time!

Four Tips to Make Your Date Nights Sweeter - A Prioritized Marriage

Eight Date Night Tips for Married Couples - A Prioritized Marriage


Other Articles I Love

22 Ways to Increase the Intimacy in Your Marriage - A Prioritized Marriage

365 Ways to Rekindle the Spark - The Dating Divas

Frugal Fun - Pennies Into Pearls is one of my very favorite blogs and she has a few great resources for those of you who are trying to date each other on a tight budget. 

Happy dating!!!