X is for eXcitement


[ik-sahyt-muh nt]
1.  an excited state or condition
2.  something that excites

Trying to find an 'X' word that isn't a stretch to describe our relationship was difficult, so I picked one with 'X' in it instead, I hope that's ok with you. If not, oh well!

When Joe and I were first dating, I was always so exited to hang out with him! I looked forward to the time he got off work every day and waited eagerly for him to show up at my house or text me and tell me to come over to his. Although the feelings aren't exactly the same, I still get excited for Joe to come home every night! I'm probably not as antsy as Howie is about it, but we're both pretty glad to hear the garage open! I love days when I get to spend a lot of time with Joe, even if we're out running errands the whole time or working on projects around the house. Days that he works an earlier shift are my absolute favorite because it means that I get more time with my husband and I get to see him earlier. Maybe this has something to do with my love languages of quality time, but I never want to stop being excited to see him or spend time together!

What 'X' word would you use to describe your marriage? Or just find a word that has 'X' in it!