Wives to Watch in Every Stage of Life - Brooklyn of A Little Too Jolley

Each stage of life looks different and brings unique challenges to every couple. My hope is that you will be inspired by the stories of the women in this series. I hope that their experiences will help you find more ways to make your marriage relationship a priority throughout every stage of your own life.

I'm so excited to feature Brooklyn as part of this series today! She was one of my first blogging friends and one of the first blogs that I read from beginning to current. I think I can honestly say that I've read every post that she's ever written. I've enjoyed watching her and Colten's journey, especially as they've added fostering to their list of things that they are doing together as a couple!

brooklyn jolley

What does it mean to you to prioritize your marriage?

It's recognizing that when you put time and effort into your marriage, it becomes wonderful! It's understanding that the world is better when you care for your marriage and making decisions that put that relationship first.

a little too jolley

How have the different stages you’ve experienced in life affected how you prioritize your relationship with each other?

When we were first married, we were both in school full-time and my husband was also full-time work. Evenings became our sanctuary and we always enjoyed relaxing after homework was done. As time progressed we both worked full time and used the extra finances to take fun vacations, make memories and buy our first home.

 This year we became insta-parents to 3 kids in foster care which has added a whole new dimension to our lives. It takes a lot more planning and focus to get alone time and to plan date nights but it has also brought an amazing depth to our love. 

marriage advice

What are some rituals/traditions (big or small) that you have with your spouse?

When we were first married, Thursday was ALWAYS date night. We knew that if someone asked if we could do something Thursday (church meetings, hanging with friends, family events, etc.) Recently we've switched that night to Wednesday. Protecting that night and treating it as sacred time has been the best thing we've done to strengthen our marriage. 

the up house

How have the obstacles and challenges that you’ve faced as a couple made you a stronger team?

We have struggled with divisions of family time since we got married. This challenge has helped us to recognize that WE are a family and has allowed us to recognize the best ways to strengthen our relationships with extended family as well. 

We went through a period of rough finances, where we had to survive off of our savings and down-size our life in many ways. Although that time was so hard on us and I cried almost every night, I look back with fondness on the lessons learned. We came to trust each other and be there for each other in ways we hadn't done before. Our love became the anchor that we relied on. 


Tell me about something that you hope to be able to do together in the future?

We really hope to continue fostering children and eventually adopting and/or having our own biological children. The challenges of parenting are hard, but the rewards make it so worth it.

My husband wants to travel the country together on a fancy motorcycle or in an RV. He thinks that would be pretty romantic I guess! I would love to do that with him as well, because having new experiences with him is one of my absolute favorite things. 

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Brooklyn Jolley