My parents bought Wicked tickets for everyone to hopefully go together before my brother left on his mission. We were taking a HUGE gamble by getting them for this far into the summer but lucky for him (and us), he was scheduled to leave the week after! We went Wednesday night and it was a blast!

I saw Wicked in New York five years ago, and LOVED it! It didn't disappoint this time either!

I promise that Joe was thrilled to be there, he just hates that I make him take pictures, and this was our 4th attempt, when I was smart and gave the phone to my brother to snap it rather than doing it on my own!

Waiting for the show to start!

There's a lovely blue line in the center of this next picture. My mom took it, and I forgot that the camera was on video so we actually have a video of the two attempts at this picture, but I was able to pause it and use the snipping tool to get a photo out of the video!! Hooray!!!!

After the show!

What are your favorite Broadway shows that you've seen live?