Why Your Marriage Needs Datelivery

I'm excited to be joining Datelivery for the celebration of their two year anniversary! This post contains affiliate links. This means that I make a small commission off of purchases made through my links at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support A Prioritized Marriage!

Two years ago, a few of my favorite bloggers started posting about this fun new company called Datelivery. I was intrigued by the concept of a date night in a box each month so I decided to try it out. Joe and I received our first box in June of 2013 and had a lot of fun participating in an Iron Chef competition in the comfort of our own kitchen. We've loved every Datelivery date we've had since that first month and even though we haven't participate in our monthly subscription for a little while, every time I view past boxes from the current year, I get excited to get our next date box and see what's inside!

Every marriage needs a Datelivery date night subscription

Date Night is Already Planned

Coming up with something fun to do for date night is a challenge for us sometimes. Datelivery takes the stress out of planning once a month, all you have to do is open the box. Most boxes require little to no prep work. Our first box required us to pick up our favorite pizza toppings ahead of time and that was it. Your Datelivery box will be perfect for those weeks when you've procrastinated planning something fun to do or when it's your husband's turn to plan and he's overwhelmed by the idea.

Perfect for Couples with Kids

Every Datelivery date night can take place at home, at any time. After the kids are in bed, while they're in the other room watching a movie, or while the baby is hanging out with you. You can have a fun night together without having to pay a babysitter, find something that fits into your busy parent schedule or having to leave the comfort of your home after a long day. Because the date night is already planned for you, you can make sure you have what you need around the house and do something fun and creative together spontaneously, when you get some time together. As a new parent, I know that time doesn't always come when you plan it to.


Makes a Great Gift

The gift of Datelivery is unique and perfect for any occasion! I am willing to bet that it will be more appreciated than another crockpot or a gift card to the closest chain restaurant. And even if multiple people think to give the couple a Datelivery subscription, you probably won't hear any complaints because there's no such thing as too many date nights and each month's box is new, so no two dates will be the same. Not only is this the perfect gift for a bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary, you could also gift new parents with a date night for a baby shower or the arrival of their child. No parent is going to turn down the opportunity for quality time together that they can fit into their schedule at any time.

Not Your Usual Date Night Activity

As hard as we try not to, sometimes we get stuck in the run of dinner and a movie for date night every week. I love that each box has a fun theme and encourages you to interact with your spouse. If you're curious to see what types of date nights Datelivery plans for you, check out the past boxes page on their website. My favorite so far this year was May's box and I'm bummed that we were too busy with our new baby to get ours ordered.

Date Night in a Box