Why You Should Write More Love Letters

I have always loved snail mail and handwritten letters and notes. When I think about it, I will write little notes to Joe and leave them around the house for him to find. Now that I've discovered The World Needs More Love Letters by Hannah Brencher, I think I'll be writing notes of love to him more often. Everyone needs to be told how much they are appreciated on a regular basis and this book is perfect to help you do that for the important people in your life.

The World Needs More Love Letters: Start writing yours today

Each page of this book is a perfectly sized, creatively designed piece of stationary that folds up into an envelope that is easily sealed thanks to adhesive on the flap (just add water). The only thing you have to provide is a pen and a stamp, if you choose to mail your love note. And who wouldn't want to find a fun, colorful piece of mail filled with words of encouragement and love in their mailbox? I know it would make my day!

Convenient stationary and envelope all in one

When I write a love note to Joe, I get a little sappy and sentimental, even though that's not his style. My love notes usually come after I've been grumpy with him, we've spent a lot of quality time together, he's done something especially wonderful for me, around holidays or random anniversaries or just when I'm feeling particularly lovey toward him. I use all of my random pet names for him and let him know how I feel about him seriously, since our conversations with each other usually poke fun and joke around. This past weekend, I wrote down my thoughts about the way our first two weeks of parenthood have affected my love for him as a husband and a father. I paired the letter with one of his favorite treats and left it somewhere for him to discover rather than mailing it.

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Write a love note to your husband today. This book has suggestions for what you can write if you're at a loss for words.

If you struggle with trying to figure out what to write in a love note to your spouse or how to put your feelings down on paper, this book has a handy, 20+ item list on the inside cover with prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Just reading through them, I'm already itching to write five or ten more love notes to Joe and other people in my life. The world can never have too many love letters! I'm going to have a lot of fun mailing notes out this week, I may even mail one to Joe just because I can. But first, I need to go buy more stamps!

The World Needs More Love Letters: All-In-One Stationary and Envelopes

Who are you itching to write a love letter to?

I received this book from  Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.