Why I Need a Husband - Guest Post

One of my favorite people that I have met through blogging is Aubrey Zaruba from Dreaming About Someday. This girl is amazing, and I seriously don't know how she does everything that she does in her life! If you read her blog, you'll know what I mean because she is everywhere!! A few weeks ago she posted a funny instagram with the #whyineedahusband and I couldn't stop giggling. I think I even shared it with Joe. So I was really excited when she suggested that as a guest post topic for today. I couldn't think of anything better!! I hope you get a few laughs out of it like I did. P.S. I really love that she writes without any capitol letters, it's her thing :)

most of the time i am a pretty strong, independent girl. although i really really want to be married (preferably sooner rather than later), most of the time i'm pretty good at being single. several years ago i decided i didn't need a husband to have power tools or a kitchen aid (or in my case bosch). as good as i do this whole single gig, let's face it, i really do need a husband. as a bit of a joke/really we're serious, we jumped on the #whyineedahusband hashtag on social media. there are quite a few reasons i need a husband, but here are my top 5 (some serious and some silly).

1. babies...i really love kids, and i definitely want some of my own. biology 101 tells me a need a husband.

2. snakes...i'll let the picture do the talking

a dead snake. in my backyard.

3. yardwork...i'm perfectly willing to do a lot of the inside chores. i don't mind cleaning bathrooms or kitchen counters. laundry is no big deal, but i HATE yardwork. i have a decent sized yard, and i don't have the time or patience to take care of it. good thing the neighbor boy needs a summer job. please bless my husband likes (or at least tolerates) yardwork.

4. meals...i like to cook, and i generally eat pretty healthy. it's pretty tricky to cook good meals for a single person so sometimes i eat a loaf of french bread for dinner. i'm pretty sure a husband would put the kibosh on that.

dinner for 3 single girls

5. companionship...i have a great life. i do a lot of fun things and have a lot of great friends, but it would be nice to have someone to share all of that with.

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