Why I Love Promptly Journals

A year ago, I got my first Promptly Journal, the Love Story one, to start recording memories from earlier years of marriage and our dating days. A few months later, I purchased a childhood journal for each of our kids. I’ve spent time every Sunday afternoon this year, filling out those journals and getting caught up to the point that we are at now. Every week as I write, I find myself loving Promptly Journals even more! If my house were to catch on fire, those books would be one of the first things I’d grab (after my children of course) because I treasure them, and the things that I’ve written in them, so much.

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Four Reasons to Purchase Promptly Journals

They make a great gift

Promptly Journals can be a gifted in a lot of different ways. The Love Story Journal is the perfect gift for a couple you know getting married, or for your own spouse on your wedding day or as an anniversary present. The Childhood Journal is perfect to gift to new parents and will become an even more meaningful gift that parents can give to their children after they’re older and it’s completely filled out. The Travel Journal makes a fun gift for someone heading off on an adventure, or for your travel companion if you’re the one planning a trip. The Adoption Journal is a great gift for families you know who are starting the process of adoption, and again, it will become an extremely meaningful gift when they give it to the adopted child in the future.

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Great for memory keeping

As I’ve been filling out my oldest’s journal, I’ve really loved thinking back on moments from when he was a baby and even just from the last year. I know that as my kids get older and as we get further into our marriage, I’ll love reading through previous year’s entries and remembering all of the good times and challenges that we’ve been through in our lives. I’ve loved reading or hearing stories about my younger self from those who have known me my entire life and I know that my kids will enjoy reading their journals as they get older. In the same way, I hope that they’ll enjoy reading moments from our marriage and the lessons that we’ve learned in life whenever they read our Love Story journal.

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A meaningful activity to do together

I love being able to sit down with my husband and remember moments from the last year of our marriage or talk about our kids’ favorite things as babies and memories we’ve made with them. I’m the one who actively fills out our journals each week, as I get things caught up, but I’ll often ask for his input or thoughts as I’m writing things down.

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Makes a great anniversary date

The biggest thing I was excited for when I got our Love Story journal was having an extra, meaningful tradition to add to our anniversary celebration each year. When we’re on our anniversary getaway or as part of our celebratory date night, we can sit down together and fill out the last year’s memories. I’m always looking for new ways to make our date nights meaningful, and Promptly Journals is a good one.

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No matter your stage in life, there’s a Promptly Journal for you! I’ll be gifting a few to friends for the holidays this next year and look forward to continuing to fill ours out for the rest of our lives.

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Why Promptly Journals makes a great gift.
Why we use Promptly Journals to record our love story.