What Marriage Means to Me

When Joe and I were planning to get engaged just over four years ago, I remember being so eager for him to propose because I wanted to have my ring to wear so that everyone would know that my heart was taken and I was committed to him. After we picked out Joe's wedding band, I couldn't wait for our wedding day to come and both of us to be wearing that symbol of our love. A year after we got married, we finally got my wedding band figured out and I had it soldered to my engagement band. My ring felt so much more complete and I remember thinking that now people would know that I had sealed the deal for life. I love our rings and the commitment that they symbolize, but marriage to me means so much more than being committed to my husband forever.

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Marriage is...

Security: While you're dating, there's still always a chance that things could end, and I guess technically in marriage, there's that chance as well, but because we've eliminated divorce as an option for us, I feel completely secure in my relationship with Joe. I know that no matter what I do or what we're going through, it will be okay in the end.

Having Joe around also gives me a physical sense of security. If he's working late or is gone overnight for something, I'm always a little bit more jumpy than normal. I feel safer having him around. 

Friendship: I've been blessed with a lot of great friendships in my life, but the one that I treasure the most is the one that I have with Joe. Nobody knows me better than he does, he's always there to listen, we always have a lot of fun when we're together, and while some friendships come and go throughout the stages of life, I know that this one is here to stay.

Teamwork: Everything is easier when you have two people. If we do something in life, we do it together. House projects, finances, parenting, school and even work are all better because I have Joe. Even if we aren't physically working together on something, we help each other out in some way. Sometimes our teamwork involves bouncing ideas off of each other and other times that we're just there to take care of other responsibilities so that the other person can get what they need to done.

Dependability: As independent as I am, there are things in my life that I can't do for myself. Throughout my pregnancy and recovery after childbirth, I learned to depend on Joe a lot. I still tried to do a lot of it on my own, but he was there for me to lean on when I couldn't do things on my own or without a little help. I know that I can always count on Joe to be there for me and to help me when I need help.

Trust: I know that Joe will always be honest with me about things, and that doesn't just mean that he won't hide things from me. When I'm not being my best self, Joe lets me know. If something I'm wearing looks really terrible, he isn't shy about telling me. When I ask him for his honest opinion, he gives it to me. He's the only one that I feel comfortable telling my strangest thoughts and most embarrassing moments to and I know that I can count on him to keep those things to himself.

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What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage is more than the piece of paper or the ring.