Welcome to Married Life - Where My Husband is a Genius

Road Tripping It

I spilled hot chocolate all down the front of my clean, white shirt on our drive to Logan for a wedding last Wednesday. It was not one of my finer moments but Joe was really entertained. Luckily for me, I married a really smart man who quickly thought of a solution because I didn't have anything to change into or time to stop and buy a replacement. HJoe got a Coke with his breakfast so he helped me out (because I tried this on my own and almost added to the mess on my shirt...) by taking a drink, sucking the soda off of an ice cube and spitting it into my hand. (My sister says this is gross because then I had Joe spit on my shirt, but I figure that was better than a big chocolate stain.) It took me about 15 minutes and many, many ice cubes, but by the time I was finished, there was no evidence of my struggle and my wedding outfit was saved! I was even able to pass on my new found knowledge to a friend later when his white striped tie accidentally dipped in his ketchup.

Logan Canyon

The leaves through the canyon between Brigham City and Logan were GORGEOUS!!! Joe kept laughing at me because I would get so excited every time we rounded a corner and I saw more patches of color. We were able to cross something off our Fall Date Night Bucket List and I got to enjoy one of my favorite things about the season!

Best Friend's Wedding

This classy lady got married! I'm SO happy for her! We are friends for life!


We hung out with these guys for a while that day. After the wedding, we all went to Wendy's for lunch and had a lot of fun. They are some of the husband's closest friends and they are quite the group, if you can't tell! They are the type of friends that you don't have to hang out with, see or talk to every single day to stay close to.

After we got home from our adventure, we took the puppy on a walk together, watched some TV and went to see Into the Woods with our season tickets. I love days when I get to hang out with my husband all day long. We got a lot of quality time together, had a lot laughs and made a lot of memories! I wish every day could be that awesome!

What would the perfect day look like with your husband?