Welcome to Married Life - Summer

The last few months since graduation, things have been crazy and fun! We've been busy spending time together as a family, working on house projects and preparing for the birth of our new little one. I didn't think she'd be here quite this soon (more details coming Friday), but it's been a great way to end our summer! I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year has in store.

Welcome to Married Life

The night before graduation, Joe got home late from work and had gotten his second wind. He spent two hours doing laundry, dishes and cleaning the house. When I climbed into bed at 11, he asked me what I was doing. "The night is young!" he said. 40 minutes later when he climbed into bed exhausted, I joked, "I thought the night was young!" "It is," he said, "but I'm not."

After a day of aerating and yard work, Joe says to me, "I didn't quite reach 30,000 steps." I looked down at my Fitbit, just shy of 6,000 and all of the sudden didn't feel as accomplished as I had a few minutes before....

We were hanging out with our families one night and Joe decided it would be a great time to ask me if I remembered waking up in the middle of the night. Apparently he woke up to me saying "Don't! No, no, no!" and then grabbing his face. He asked me what my problem was and I told him that I didn't know and then got up to go to the bathroom and went back to sleep. I don't remember any of it. Pregnancy dreams are weird....

Joe: "What's mono-gam-us" (say it with an 'aaaa' sound instead of 'ah')
Me: "I don't know, look it up" *processed for a second* "Wait, do you mean monogamous?"
Joe: "Yeah, that's the word! That makes sense!" *starts laughing about some funny use of monogamous in an article.*

Earlier this month I heard someone say on their snapchat story that they left their phone in the kitchen overnight and I thought that sounded kind of nice. I use my Fitbit as an alarm and really don't have a need for my phone during the middle of the night. Before I went to bed that night, I plugged my phone in on the counter and left it there. Joe went downstairs afterward to take the garbage out and came back up to the bedroom with my phone, which he so sweetly plugged into the charger and left on my nightstand for me. I appreciated his thoughtfulness but had to laugh at his face when I told him that I'd left it downstairs on purpose. "Why? You never do that. What if someone needs to call you? People have emergencies!" Needless to say, my phone did not stay on the kitchen counter that night....

Joe was getting ready to heat up some precooked bacon::
"Can you imagine working in the factory that makes this all day?"
*Shakes his head with a look of jealousy*
"You'd have to shower afterward, but I mean... And can you imagine living in the neighborhood around the factory?"
*Shakes his head again with another look of jealousy*

Joe picking out Bensen's outfit. "You make it sound so easy."
Most of his outfits are already put together in his drawer....

"I'm kind of a big deal." This phrase has been uttered by Joe a lot during the past week. I'm still not sure why, but he is earning a reputation with the nurses in the Special Care Nursery. So far it's a good one, we'll see if it stays that way.