Welcome to Married Life - September Edition

You guys, I'm going to be better about this post next month, I promise! I keep forgetting to write funny things down when they happen thinking that I'll for sure remember later, and then I don't. So I'm missing a lot of our funniest moments from this past month, but I've still got some good ones to share with you, so it's ok!

Welcome to Married Life

I recently joined Periscope and Joe thinks it's the most ridiculous thing ever. When I tell him I'm watching a broadcast, he makes some comment about me "watching people talk to themselves" and he likes to crack jokes about mouthwash any time I say the word scope. The other night I told him that somebody had scoped four times that day and he said, "I'm sorry. At least they have fresh breath." you know, like scope the mouthwash brand?? ....He thinks he's super entertaining.

Joe was snuggling with Howie one night before bed and randomly said to me, "We bring wild animals into our house and let them sleep in our beds. Humans are weird."

puppy love

^^My friend took this picture the other day. How can you not love that sweet face?^^

A restaurant near us (I won't say which one), has a message up on their marquee advertising "$5 buck lunch" and it drives me crazy. Use the $ or say buck, but we don't need both. Five dollar buck lunch just sounds silly. Maybe I'm the crazy one, but the fact that it bothers me so much entertains Joe. So the other day I got this message from him, notice his careful wording of price: 
He thinks he's so funny sometimes...

married texts

Joe came home from work last night, got the baby situated, talked to me for a minute and then said, "Wife! I'm going to kiss you and then I'm going to go outside and water my seeds."  It made me happy because we've gotten away from kissing each other just because, and I love how obsessed he is with the grass seeds that he planted a couple of weeks ago.