Welcome to Married Life - The Perfect Holiday Date

One of my favorite things about our special Utah holiday (Pioneer Day) is spending it with my husband! Since it's not a national holiday, he doesn't get holiday pay plus time and a half so he doesn't feel obligated to work and make a bunch of extra money. I have the day off and can usually convince him to take the day off as well, so we go out and have a lot of fun!

This year I had few plans for us to cross things off of our Summer Date Bucket List, but plans change and we ended up being spontaneous instead (something I'm not good at but have been working on). It was a tiring day but we enjoyed it and even started some new traditions!

I'm not sure why these pictures are blurry :P They took like this I guess.

We spent the morning in the corn booth at the Bountiful Handcart Days festival in the park. We got asked on Sunday to volunteer and figured it could be fun! Joe skewered corn and then I brushed butter on it and handed it on to be wrapped in tin foil and distributed to the public. It was really hot in that tent, and my feet were really unhappy with me by the end, but our four hour shift went by quickly and we had a lot of fun working side by side. Bonus: We got to wear some cute aprons and I got to wear that really attractive hairnet!

After the next group relieved us of our duties, we got to walk around and have some fun of our own and eat a much needed lunch. I had a hot dog and corn, husband got a BBQ sandwich and corn and then we shared some nachos and a Brigham scone (seriously the most delicious thing ever)! And I left the park with a delicious bag of colored, fluffy sugar in hand, it's all about the cotton candy!

Dark, crappy movie theater picture. And Joe's large drink...

From the park, we went straight to the dark, cool movie theater to watch Red 2. Red is one of our favorite movies, and we watched it the night before so we'd be prepared for the next movie. It was nice to sit down, cool off and be entertained! Comedy, action and romance all in one, the perfect date movie! Not so bonus: My feet were still upset with me from standing all morning so they decided that I didn't really need to be able to walk very well after the movie was over.

After a little time to relax and recover from our big day, we decided that we were craving Chinese food! (Well, maybe I was craving Chinese food and just drug the husband along.) We have our favorite place in town, and it really hit the spot! Egg rolls, cream cheese wontons, sweet and sour pork, strawberry chicken (the husband's favorite), and beef lo mein.... mmmm.... I'm hungry again. Bonus: We always have enough leftover for a couple of lunches, so today and tomorrow I have something to look forward to!

I love days that we get to spend together doing something fun! With our crazy schedule, they don't happen often enough. Joe is the perfect guy to be on a twelve hour long date with and I loved every minute of it! I'm excited to continue our new tradition at Handcart Days next year, but we'll probably just hang out there instead of volunteering to butter corn for half the day. ;)

What is your favorite day to spend with your spouse?