Welcome to Married Life - July Edition

I have a lot of fun keeping track of these moments every month! Looking back on them and laughing all over again is my favorite.. Even the moments that don't make this post are pretty great. It reminds me that even when we're going through a rough point, our lives are fun and full of good moments!

Married life

Our best moment this month happened just this week. I was getting ready for work one morning and Joe was still in bed, but awake on his phone. He made some random, passive comment about me screaming, and then said, "You don't remember waking up in the middle of the night?" All day long he would not let this middle of the night drama go. He'd ask me about it on the phone, randomly send texts to me about it and he brought it up again at the end of the day twice. This is how he explains what happened: "You were screaming, so I grabbed your arm and said, 'Hey, hey, hey, shut up.' (he says that part in a very sweet and caring voice) and then you said, 'Did I wake up the baby?' and you did, he was making noise in the other room. I was going to make you go check on him. I asked you, 'What's your problem?' and you said, 'Will you cuddle me?' and then you took over the bed." I do remember him waking me up later in the night to tell me to move and I was confused until I realized just how much of the bed I had. He said, "I almost got out of bed and walked around to sleep on your side instead." Not only does Joe not like to cuddle at night because he gets too hot, but I was pushing him off the edge. Poor husband....

Obviously that wasn't the first time something like that has happened.... One time I tried to crawl over him to get out of bed headfirst because there were spiders on my side.

When Mother Nature sent me a gift that I wasn't expecting, Joe told me that earlier that day when he was dropping Bensen off at his sister's house, he'd joked around about me having PMS. Turns out, he was right... I wasn't used to listening to my body after a year's break.
Me: "So much makes sense now. My headache on Saturday, my irritability with people on Sunday, my over the top emotional state yesterday. Why didn't I see this coming?"
Joe: "I did."
Me: "I kind of wish you'd warned me, but it was probably smart of you not to say anything."
Before bed one night, Joe started talking to me and all of the sudden his voice went funny...
Joe: "There's a bubble in my throat! Do you like it? Because I kind of like it!"
Amberly: No response because I couldn't stop laughing... it was late and we were tired...

Joe was standing in the pantry one night eating from a bag of chocolate that I bought a few days earlier and this conversation happened:
Joe: "Do you know what I like wife? I can lock myself in the pantry and eat all the candy and you can't stop me!"
He proceeded to shut and lock the pantry door (I'd forgotten that the pantry had a lock on it) and then yelled to me, "We should get a light in here!" before he stayed in there in the dark for five minutes eating my chocolate!!!


^^Joe is behind that door, eating all of my chocolate...^^

We were on a walk one night and Joe randomly said, "I can't wait until it's 2020!" I looked at him a little confused because I couldn't think of anything that I knew he'd be looking forward to in 2020. And then he clarified, "It'll be the 20's! We haven't been able to say it like since... the 90's." I'll never understand how his brain works...

What fun things have gone on in your house this month? Do any of these conversations sound familiar to you?