Welcome to Married Life - Beginning of 2016/Senior Semester

I love writing these posts because it not only gives you a glimpse at our quirky personalities, but it's also fun for me to look back on. Last year I was posting this conversations once a month, but moving forward, I decided that I'll post them every four months or so. This post covers everything through our craziest semester yet. There probably aren't quite as many conversations as normal because Joe and I rarely saw each other, but these are still pretty fun!

I set a goal this year to make and record more memories with my husband and my family. I put together my memories jar, but Joe didn't quite understand how it worked.
Me: After realizing we'd started the dishwasher without all of the dirty dishes inside. "Joe, your ice cream bowl from the other night is still on your night stand!"
Joe: "I know... memories..."
Me: "No, not memories! That's not how it works!"
Joe: "But it made you reminisce, didn't it?"
Me: "....."

Some of the thoughts that come out of Joe's head leave me rolling on the floor in laughter. Most of them because I honestly don't know how he comes up with this stuff, or how his brain got to that point from the conversation that we were just having. It was past our bedtime one night and we were cleaning up the kitchen when he blurted out, "When people say, 'You're beautiful outside and in,' do you know what I think about? Farts! And then I want to say, 'Oh yeah?! Do you want to smell my beauty?'" I seriously could not stop laughing...

This moment needs a little bit of back story. Joe's knuckles have been extremely dry thanks to Utah winters and he's been using this lotion that I like to tell him makes him smell like an old man. He refuses to use anything else, and he doesn't really like to use lotion anyway (he's got this thing against anything sticky, gooey or wet), so he only uses it at night, right before bed, and only on the backs of his hands.
For part of his Valentine's gift, I went to Lush and spent some time picking out the perfect lotion bar that would help his hands and that wouldn't offend his nose. It can be used in the shower or right after he washes his hands and you rinse it off so it doesn't leave any sort of residue. I was super excited about it and gave it to him the same night I bought it so that he could start using it. When I gave it to him, I told him that it could be used in the shower and after he washed his hands and that I would give him a hand massage with it before bed that night so that he could see how it worked. Imagine my surprise when he climbed into bed an hour later smelling like an old man!!!!
Me: "You didn't use the stuff that I bought you!"
Joe: "I thought it was for the shower."
Me: "You can use it in the shower, but you can also use it after you wash your hands at home. I told you that we can get a soap dish for it to sit next to the sink for you. I was even going to give you a hand massage! You just needed to tell me when you were ready so that I could take a break from homework.
Joe: "All I heard was shower and massage...."

A few days before Valentines Day, Joe got a new phone and number for his lawn care business. I forgot all about said phone, so when the random texts in the left and middle picture started rolling in, I honestly believed some random person had gotten my number. I was in the middle of sending Joe a text to ask him how to block a number when the picture of two cute boys came through and then I felt really silly... Joe was just disappointed that I didn't catch onto the Psych reference.

I've been majorly slacking in the leg shaving department lately. It's cold outside and I stay up late at night doing homework so I sleep in late enough that I don't have time for that extra step in the shower every morning. One morning I shaved my legs and I was excited to show Joe how ambitious I'd been.
Me: "Look! I shaved my legs!" *holds up leg*
Joe: *Runs his hand up and down my leg but looks unimpressed*
Me: "Don't they feel smooth?"
Joe: "You must just be cold."

Because of my school schedule, Joe gives Bensen his bath 99% of the time. One night I was home so Joe directed me in the routine while I took care of Bensen. After the bath was over and I was getting Bensen dressed, Joe said, "oh no, there's still water in the tub!" He then informed me that he "drains the tub and tells Bensen that it's time for the water to go to sleep." ....whatever works I guess.

It's a well known fact that when I get tired, I get grumpy, and when I get REALLY tired, I get a little bit crazy. I laugh hysterically over things that are funny, but definitely not that funny and once I start laughing, I just can't stop. I make weird comments and say whatever is on my mind. Bensen is lucky enough to have inherited this from me, he gets really grumpy when he's tired but he also hits a point of crazy. The other night, Bensen was doing all sorts of weird things and Joe said, "He's definitely tired, he's acting like you."

What funny moments have you had in your marriage recently?