Welcome to Married Life - August Edition

This month was a stressful one for us, and I realized that as a result, we didn't have nearly as many entertaining conversations. Usually I have a list of between five and ten banters that I can choose from for my Welcome to Married Life post, but this month, I only had these ones. It's made me determined to bring more laughter to our marriage in September!

Joe isn't look at the camera... oh well..

We were hanging out at the kitchen table after dinner one night. I was putting together some things for school and I let Joe borrow my computer for a minute to do some scout stuff. When he handed it back to me, I noticed that it was shaking and I was sure he'd broken it.
Me: What did you do to my computer?!?! The whole screen is shaking!!!!
Joe: Maybe that's because you put it up against the baby's chair that is vibrating...
Me: Oh....

Every once and a while, I give Joe grief about how much soda he drinks. This usually happens on Sundays because he hasn't had one to drink all day and he has a headache. One week he tried to convince me that the soda was really good for him.
Joe: Since I've been on my soda diet again, I've lost 3 pounds.
Me: Your soda diet?
Joe: Yeah, where you drink two cans of pop a day.
Me: .......

^^Joe's soda of choice^^

After Bensen went to bed one night, we were having a conversation about how he hadn't slept well the night before and Joe had been up with him multiple times. He came up with an idea of how he's going to teach Bensen to stay in bed when he gets older.
Me: Just wait until he can get out of bed by himself and comes into our room in the middle of the night. 'Daddy, I'm thirsty!'
Joe: I'd just tell him to get his own water.
Me: 'But daddy, there are monsters downstairs in the dark?'
Joe: Good! They'll only eat you if you're pretending to be thirsty!
Me: *laughing*
Joe: Yeah, that's how I'll teach him!
Me: *laughing harder*
Joe: You're so mad that you didn't think of that first, huh?

I don't even remember the situation for this, but it was late at night when we usually get sassy with each other.
Joe: You're overreacting.
Me: Excuse me?!
Joe: I read a meme today that said, 'Any time a woman gets upset, just tell her she's over reacting and she'll calm right down' so I thought I'd try it.

Share any funny moments from your marriage this month in the comments below! I'd love to hear them!