Viewing Myself the Way my Husband Views Me

A couple of weeks after Bensen was born, Joe and I were sitting in bed watching Netflix together and he said something that I haven't been able to forget. He looked at me, in all of my post pregnancy glory and said, "Could you please stop looking so good over there?" I'm sure I rolled my eyes at him because I was in my most comfortable and not very attractive clothes, I hadn't showered that day or bothered to do anything with my hair and makeup, and I was still a wreck (emotionally and physically) as I worked through my postpartum recovery.


As much as I try to make sure that I'm dressed up and looking my best for date nights with Joe, the truth is, most days I let my hair air dry and put on my comfy clothes as soon as I get home from work in case the baby spits up on me. He sees me most often at the end of a long day when I'm a tired, frazzled mess. Sometimes I think I should stay in my cute outfit until he gets home from work and not rub all the make up off my face or run my hands through my hair until it's a mess. While I know Joe appreciates the days when I make an effort to look my very best for him, whenever I'm feeling blah with my appearance, I remember that comment he made to me a couple of months ago and know that he thinks I look beautiful no matter what.


Kate from The Florkens shared a similar story last week on her blog that I loved, especially since it was something that has been on my mind lately with all of my hormonal ups and downs and this post sitting in my drafts. I've written and rewritten this post multiple times and kept pushing it back on my editorial calendar. Kate's post gave me the push I needed to finish my thoughts and hit publish.