V is for Vivacious


[vi-vey-shuh s]
1.  lively; animated

Joe and I make quite the pair and you will usually find us joking around and laughing together. We get in little, random spats over stupid, nonsense things all the time, and it's one of my favorite parts of our relationship because they are never real fights, but they keep us entertained and laughing together.

When we're not too tired from our busy lives, you'll usually find us harassing Howie or each other. Joe thinks it's really fun to tickle me when I tell him not to and in the past, he's really enjoyed jumping out from behind corners to scare me. One time, I decided to sneak up on him in the shower when I was leaving for work, but apparently he heard me coming so when I pulled back the curtain to scare him, his face was right there and a simple "boo" made me scream and jump in the air. I'm pretty sure our neighbors worried about us because he was constantly startling me, I would scream, and then I would yell at him as I chased him down the hall and into our bedroom where he "hid" from my wrath under the covers. Luckily, he got smart and stopped doing that, or maybe I became less jumpy and it wasn't as fun, who knows.

What 'V' word would you use to describe your relationship?