Utah State Fair

It's been my goal lately to have fun date nights and not always do the same old dinner and a movie! Last year, a couple of my girl friends and I went to the state fair and our experience was hysterical! For some reason I didn't blog about it, but we had a ball! Ky and I have said ever since then that we need to go together again, so this year, we went as a double date!

We had a lot of fun wandering around the fair! We looked at all of the creative art entries and I even saw some by people that I knew! The butter cow is always a highlight and this year didn't disappoint. It was a sculpture of the royal wedding and it was getting quite the reaction from everyone there!

Every time I've gone to the fair, they have a little trailer that advertises a large alligator/crocodile or whatever! I am always curious about what is really in there and whether or not it's as grand as they make it sound! This year, we took the risk and spent a dollar each to go in and see this animal! It was pretty big, I'll tell you that and it's a legitimate creature, but it was sleeping and it's in a very confined space, so I doubt it does anything more than sit there and be bored!

You can't go to the state fair without getting something deep fried! My delicacy of choice? A snickers bar! Ky and Cam had oreos, they were kind of dry but good. You could have gotten a bacon stuffed twinkie, that sounds even more disgusting to me than the fried bacon dipped in chocolate that they had last year! Oh, and the treat of the day today was deep fried ho hos, I was tempted, but I didn't do it!

What is your must do/see at the state or county fairs?