Updated Home Tour - The Front Room

I recently redid the decor in our front room, the one room that was fully decorated and that I didn't have any big future plans for other than switching out the couches and maybe getting a piano of my own (I'm currently borrowing my parent's old piano). When I decorated it the first time, I knew that there would probably be some things that I'd have to move in order to child proof the room, but I figured we'd cross that road when we got there. Well, we're there, and a few months ago when I started deep cleaning the room, I unintentionally started to redecorate it as well.

front room in our home

A lot of my reasons for redecorating have to do with two very busy toddlers in our home. The vases around the room are thick and don't break easily, but a few were filled with sand and I could only imagine what fun messes those would bring my way. I wanted to clean that sand off my floor a total of never times, so I started there. Then came the entryway, that I've never been completely satisfied with and tried to redo on multiple occasions. And finally, the gallery wall that was completely filled, but that I needed to update with our recent family pictures.

You can check out the official before and original decoration pictures in this post. Below are the final pictures of the areas that I redecorated. I'm more in love with the room than I was before, which is good because we definitely spend a lot of time there. It's the room where we entertain guests, it has a big picture window that's Bensen and Howie's favorite, and my kiddos play here often while I'm around the corner cooking, cleaning or working on my own projects in the kitchen.

entryway quote

This is the first wall you see when you walk into our house. I didn't mind the original decor, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted and I felt like it was a bit busy and missing something. The quote that I hung on the wall is one that I found when I was pregnant with Emmy and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since. I feel like it conveys the goals that we have for life and our home so well. Those vases are ones that I'd had my eyes on from the moment that we purchased our house and I still love them. The cabinet holds all of my music, you can find similar ones here .

purple accent wall

The purple wall is one of the very first things that I knew I wanted when we bought this house. I've always dreamed of painting a purple accent wall and I was really excited when Joe made that dream come true for my birthday a couple of years ago. When we replace the couches in this room, I want a grey love seat and two purple armchairs to match this wall. It's one of those Pinterest inspiration rooms come true.

gallery wall

The gallery wall might be one of my favorites in the house. It's also one of the first places that people's eyes are drawn when they enter our home. It started out with just one set of pictures on either side of the string art, but quickly expanded as our family grew. I had four stages of our life represented on that wall, and couldn't decide which ones to get replace our most recent set of family pictures with. I finally decided to move all but two sets of pictures to another, currently undetermined location in our home. One side of the wall will always have pictures from our wedding and the other side will be filled with our most recent family pictures.

robot vacuum

The one last little detail about our front room that I love is our robot vacuum. Its home is in the entryway and every night it comes out and cleans my floors while I sleep. Joe got this for my birthday this past year and it's one of my very favorite appliances. This is the one I have. I love going to bed and waking up the next day to a clean kitchen and front room. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

family room
dog's favorite spot in the house

Now that I've finished this space for a second time, I'm looking forward to continuing to decorate other rooms in the house. My next goal is the master suite, but I have so many ideas for different areas of the house and will work on things as I find sales or the perfect pieces to fit my vision. Watch my Instagram stories for sneak peeks of my inspiration, projects and decisions for our home decor.

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography