6 Tips for Updating the Top Drawer of Your Dresser

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Everyone has been on this Marie Kondo frenzy, but I wonder, are they updating the top drawer of their dresser at the same time? Just as you update your wardrobe when styles change and things don’t fit the way you wish they did anymore, you should update your lingerie wardrobe as well! Last year, I realized that I never wore any of the lingerie hanging in my closet because it wasn’t my style anymore and none of it fit well at all. It was just taking up space, so I tossed everything and slowly replaced them with lingerie that I feel comfortable, confident and gorgeous in! I have purchased everything I own currently from my favorite company, Mentionables, and I will continue to add pieces from each new collection that they launch.

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When was the last time you bought new lingerie? I’ve had this discussion with more wives than you might expect, and every single one said they haven’t refreshed their lacies since their wedding. If this describes you, I want to encourage you to make it a priority to go through your lingerie collection and maybe add a few things that are new! The tips below will help you find what “sparks joy” when it comes to your intimates.

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Tips for Updating Your Top Drawer

Toss anything you don’t feel comfortable in

Everyone has different standards for what they feel comfortable wearing, and that applies to lingerie as much as clothes. This became very apparent to me when my friends and I were all getting married and people would gift something intimate to the bride-to-be at her shower or bachelorette party. As your style changes and your body goes through changes as well, you might not feel comfortable and confident in the same styles of lingerie that you did when you first got married. Or maybe someone gifted something to you that just doesn’t fit your taste. I give you permission to let go of those pieces!

Toss anything that doesn’t fit you anymore

I am guilty of holding on to so many things that I am just waiting to fit into again. Even if I were to weigh the same as I weighed when I got married again, those pieces of lingerie aren’t going to fit me the same as they did then. I’ve given birth to two beautiful babies and done so many amazing things with my body, and it’s changed. Last year, I accepted that, and got rid of all of my intimates that didn’t fit anymore and I told myself I’d just buy new ones if I ever was that size again. There’s a pile of clothes in the top corner of my closet that I need to do this with as well. I will tell you that there’s nothing that kills your confidence faster than putting on too tight lingerie, and having to ask your husband to help you pry something lacy off your body doesn’t feel sexy at all.

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Toss anything that’s not your style or a color you like to wear

A lot of women have pieces of lingerie in their collection that were gifted to them around the time of their wedding. It's a fun gift to give, but often the colors and style that someone picks out for you aren't ones that you necessarily love or feel comfortable wearing. If this is your story, or if you have grown as a person and have different preferences than you maybe had when you bought something for yourself, I'm giving you permission to move on from those pieces. I promise, you won't be hurting anyone's feelings because nobody's going to ask you if you use their gift in that situation or come over and expect to see it.

Something that I really love about Mentionables is their wishlist feature! I think this is a really fun way to gift, whether your spouse wants to buy something for you, or you're preparing for a bridal/wedding shower or bachelorette party. Simply have the bride-to-be create an account and a wishlist with her favorite pieces and the size she would wear. She can provide you with the link to her list, which can be passed on to the guests or a spouse, and make it really easy to pick a gift that you know the receiver will love and use! Click here to check out Mentionables and use code APM10 for 10% off your purchase.

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Buy new pieces in colors that you love on yourself

I have fallen in love with the Lacyback Baby Doll style that Mentionables sells and have purchase it in almost every color that they've had available. It's a style that I know looks good on me and that I feel comfortable and confident in. You'll find it in my closet in a variety of purples because those are the colors I love! I've also grabbed some pieces in teal/turquoise colors and black.

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Buy a piece or two in your spouse’s favorite color

Most of my collection is filled with colors that I personally love and that I love myself in, but I also try to grab a couple of things in Joe’s favorite color. This is a great way to gift something to your spouse! If you know their favorite color, or if there are shirts and dresses that you know they love on you, look for those colors when shopping to add some variety to your collection.

Let your spouse shop for you

I’d challenge you to find one husband who wouldn’t be excited about picking out some new lace for his wife to wear! I love Mentionables for their model free photos, not only because it removes expectations for how a piece should fit, but also because it makes shopping on their site a comfortable experience for everyone. You can use the wish list feature to save a few of your favorite pieces, or let your spouse know which size they should purchase in each of the styles on the site. Let your husband pick something out for your anniversary, a romantic holiday, a birthday or another special occasion or even just because!

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Over the last nine months, I have purchased an average of one new piece each month. Any time Mentionables launches a new collection, I grab a few new things to use for special occasions and gifts or just because I can! Having a clothes wardrobe and a lingerie wardrobe that fit me well and that I truly love wearing has helped me love myself for who I am now, while I continue to build healthy habits and treat my body better. Adding some new lace to my routine has also been a great way to spice things up in our marriage and increase intimacy.

Challenge: Sort through your lingerie today and get rid of anything that you don’t absolutely love, then make a goal to add a few new pieces to your lace collection now and at least once every year or two throughout the rest of your marriage. If you choose to update your collection with the gorgeous pieces that you’ll find on Mentionables, don’t forget to use code APM10 for 10% off your entire purchase.

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When was the last time you freshened up your lingerie collection? Your top drawer deserves to be updated!