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When we found out that we were expecting again earlier this year, I was really nervous to be a mom of two under two. My ideal had always been to have 24 months or more between each of my kids. As we got nearer to Emmy's due date, I heard from a couple of other moms that adding a second child to your home was easy compared to adding the first. Those experiences that were shared with me did a lot to squash my fears and apparently lulled me into a very false sense of security. The birth and recovery of our second little one was definitely much easier than the first, but maintaining a balance in my life and at home has become infinitely harder than it was before.

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Some days I feel like I'm really on top of things in life but other days I feel like hiding under the bed like our dog does when things get chaotic. The past few weeks have been exhausting for me and I've found myself thinking that life was a tiny bit easier when Emmy was in the hospital because when I was with Bensen, I wasn't distracted trying to calm Emmy down and when I was with Emmy, I wasn't also trying to give Bensen attention and keep him out of trouble. But then again, I didn't get much quality alone time with Joe because our first priority in that three week phase had to be our kids.  Mamas of two or more, tell me how you do it? Is there a secret to balance as a mom that I don't know about?

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I make it my goal each day to make sure that each member of my little family is healthy, happy, loved and safe. With a toddler in the house, some days that is a lot easier than others. Bensen is curious and a risk taker. He loves to be tossed in the air, spun in circles until he can't walk or even sit straight, and he begs us to put him in an empty wipe box and push back and forth across the kitchen floor as fast as we can go. His every day adventures bring at least one new bump or bruise. Please tell me that I'm not the only mom who has considered wrapping her kid in bubble wrap to avoid the injuries!!

Having a toddler in the house also means that I have to take extra precautions with Emmy. She is always hanging out in her chair out of his reach and her bed is pushed away from ours so that he can't climb in and join her when he is in our room. I am always aware of where Bensen is not only for his safety but for Emmy's safety as well. Just the other day, Bensen was sitting contently on a kitchen chair when I set Emmy in her chair on the opposite side of the table. I turned around for literally two seconds to set her binky on the counter and when I looked back at Emmy, Bensen was on the table next to her, patting her head and telling her "hi!" How do they move so fast?!?!

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Benefits of the Owlet Monitor

The one thing that I never have to worry about with Emmy is her safety while she sleeps. We take the appropriate precautions, laying her on her back, not putting pillows or fluffy blankets with her, etc. but any mother will tell you that even after all that, they usually still worry about their little one. When Bensen was a baby, I would often place my hand on his back, his chest or next to his face to check to see that he was still breathing during the night or during his naps. After having Emmy on monitors 24/7 while she was in the hospital, I knew that we needed that peace of mind at home, especially with her being a preemie. Owlet Smart Sock keeps watch over my little one while I sleep and gives me one less thing to worry about.

I spend my days balancing time with my husband, each of my kids, work, my own self care and passions (like this blog) and my other roles and responsibilities. When I go to bed at night, I need as much sleep as I can get so that I am rested and ready to tackle everything again the next day. Thanks to Owlet, I can do just that!

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You can read more about our experience and why we chose Owlet for our monitor by reading my post on the Owlet blog here. I thought I'd share a few screenshots from the app on my phone while the Owlet Smart Sock was monitoring Emmy's oxygen levels and heart rate. I especially love the little personal touches you can add to your baby's profile and my favorite is when it says, "Emmy is wiggling"! If I ever wake up worried about Emmy, I simply open the app on my phone to check on her and then drift back to sleep until she wakes me up for her next feeding.

If the sock falls off or it's having trouble getting a reading, the monitor is designed to notify you with a song. It's an extra set of eyes, to help you be notified when your baby needs you most.

If the sock falls off or it's having trouble getting a reading, the monitor is designed to notify you with a song. It's an extra set of eyes, to help you be notified when your baby needs you most.

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I spend my days toddler proofing things in our house that I would have never thought of when we were originally baby proofing the house. I work tirelessly to give my family the care and attention that they deserve. No matter what I'm doing while Emmy naps throughout the day or how soundly I sleep at the end of an exhausting day, I know that I can count on Owlet to let me know that my baby is safe and healthy. Because of Owlet, I can focus on enjoying moments and making memories with my family because that's what really matters in life. 

P.S. Share all of your life balance secrets with me please!!!

We were so grateful to have an Owlet Monitor when our baby was born 8 weeks early