Things You Should Avoid Saying to Your Pregnant Wife

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It's no secret that Joe says whatever he wants to say with no worry for how I will react. Over the course of our marriage, I've learned not to take him so seriously and I don't take offense when he makes comments that probably aren't the smartest because he does so in his Joe way that I can't help but love. He makes me laugh and he keeps me smiling, but some of the things that he's said to me during this pregnancy could really get him in trouble if I let them.

Comments you should never make to your pregnant wife

"Haven't you done that already today?" I wish morning sickness was a once and done thing like that, but it's not. I also got, "I thought you had medicine for that" a few times as well. Apparently he didn't quite understand the full meaning of morning sickness.

"I used to wear my pants like that on purpose and I would tell people that I was Steve Urkel." These are Joe's true feelings about maternity clothes, particularly my full stomach panel maternity leggings. He laughs at me every time I put them on. After I finish putting my outfit together, he'll tell me, "You look like a normal person now."

"Wife, do you need a SNICKERS®?" I get hungry and grumpy a lot, and Joe has learned to tell when my emotions are driven by that hunger. I don't know how it happened, but this has become a common phrase in our relationship over the last year or so. Everybody knows that you don't mess with a hungry pregnant woman, or point out when she's grumpy! I guess at least he offers me a solution for my hungry self dilemma.


"You can't even cook the easy foods, what happened to you?" During this last trimester of pregnancy, I've ruined minute rice and frozen corn dogs, not just once, but a few times. They should be the simplest things in the world to make, and for some reason I just can't do it. The corn dogs turn out soggy and the rice turns out crunchy.

"I'm only laughing because I would sound like that too!" I heard this one in response to my grunting when I was bending over, trying to pick Howie's toys up off the floor a couple of months ago. Whenever I try to roll over in bed or get up in the morning, he makes similar comments and jokes about my growing belly.

"Should we see whose belly is bigger?" I've heard this phrase more than any other I think. I'll be standing in the bathroom mirror, admiring my bump and he joins me to admire his or he'll random walk up to me and stick his gut out in a challenge. No matter how much he slouches, his gut has nothing on my baby bump anymore, I always win.

pregnant wife

^^About 25 weeks pregnant. ^^

Joe has made quite a few more interesting comments throughout our marriage, and my pregnancy, and I love to write them all down. One day, I hope that the conversations we have will tell a story of the fun relationship that the two of us have and how we compliment each other.


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What are some funny, not so smart comments that your husband has said to you before?