The Shooting Range - First Bucket List Date, Done

Remember the Date Night Bucket List that we created for 2015 and still haven't started on? Well, good news, after this weekend, we can officially say we accomplished our first date!! It only took us six months to get started, but I'm hoping that this summer we can cross off quite a few more. To be honest, I'd planned on crossing at least three dates off our bucket list this weekend, but we ran out of time and were too exhausted with everything else that was going on in preparation for a big family event.

date night bucket list

About a year and a half ago, Joe and I took a concealed carry permit class together and this past December, Joe finally got his handgun. He's taken it out for target practice a couple of times now, but because I was pregnant, I never went with him. This weekend, while we didn't have the baby, we decided to head up to the local shooting range so that I could learn to shoot it. I provided some great entertainment for the range masters because I kept shooting too high and I anticipated the kick back every time which made me flinch as the gun went off and close my eyes. This will be a date activity that we'll have to do over again a few times so that I can get a little more comfortable shooting the gun. I'll also try shooting a 9mm to see if I like that better than Joe's .40 caliber. Joe was a very patient teacher, showed me the ins and outs of the gun and reassured me that I wasn't the only one who anticipated the kick back and that the more target practice I get, the more comfortable I will be.

shooting range date night
shooting range date

^^ I took my picture too late, right after Joe shot his last round. ^^

This past weekend was our anniversary and we enjoyed a lot of quality time together. My mom has been offering to take the baby overnight for quite a while now, so we decided to take advantage of that and get some sleep on Friday night. Joe's sister in law watched him for us on Saturday, so we had a full 24 hours of baby free time together. I didn't cry once and the two of us had a lot of fun.

Friday night was pretty relaxed. We ate dinner together, took Howie on a walk, watched a movie and got lots of sleep. On Saturday we went to brunch, spent time at the shooting range, ran some errands and cleaned our house and celebrated four years together with dinner at Tucanos. We usually go all out for our anniversary celebration, so this year was a little different for us, but I was just grateful for time together, especially after my long week back at work and the late hours that Joe has been working.

Tucanos salad bar

^^ All of my favorites from the salad bar at Tucanos ^^

Sunday was a special day for our family. Not only was it mine and Joe's wedding anniversary, but we celebrated Bensen with family and friends at his baby blessing. All three of us had some sort of mishap with our outfit that morning, luckily I was the only one who had to wear something completely different than planned and luckily I had a Plan B so that we could still match like I wanted to. After church, we invited friends and family over for nachos and our first big gathering since moving in a year ago. It was great to spend such a special day with everyone we love! We spent the evening by ourselves, taking naps, going on a walk and eating a romantic dinner of Costco ribs.

family of three

Our lives are so much different than they were four years ago. We were so in love the day we got married but our home has filled with so much more love as our marriage has grown and we've added Howie and Bensen to our family. Year three of marriage was a great adventure, I can't wait to see what year four has in store!!