The Secret's Out...

For the last three months, I've been keeping a secret. I don't like keeping secrets so I'm really excited that this one is finally out in the open! Trying to balance school, work, a new house and the blog all while I've been sick and exhausted has been a fun little adventure, but I survived the worst of it (I hope) and my energy is back so I'm ready to finish off 2014 strong!! And I think it's obvious that 2015 is going to be one of the best years for us yet. We'll be settled into our new home and we get to welcome a sweet Joberly baby into our lives!

pregnancy announcement

I was going to wait and share fun details until tomorrow, but I have something else to share with you tomorrow and my editorial calendar just doesn't have room for anything else right now. So today, in addition to revealing our awesome secret, I present to you:

How the first trimester of pregnancy affected our marriage

Joe has been really good about bringing me breakfast in bed if I forget to put snacks on my nightstand before I go to sleep. Dry Cheerios and Chex are the most exciting that my breakfasts in bed usually get. The one downside to this pregnant woman habit is that Howie assumes that I'm bringing him breakfast in bed and he harasses me endlessly until I share. (I never share unless he is calm and good). That pup is a pro begger, it's hard to say no to his cute, innocent, loving face.

When I had my first hormonal meltdown, Joe smartly showed up after work with a big box of Rice Krispie Treats (big enough that he could have a few without me getting too upset).

Below you'll find an actual conversation that we had one day. At first I was sure someone had hijacked Joe's phone because it's not like him to be so blunt with his feelings about something like that, but then things became clear...

I always told people that I needed to have a girl first. I always picture myself with a baby girl, and our baby name list only had girl names until a few weeks ago. We added some good boy names to our list and now in all of my dreams I'm having a boy, so now I'm convinced that we're going to have a boy. (In Joe's dreams, we're having a girl... with massive eyebrows... and rug burn because she uses her face instead of her arms to crawl...) My brother-in-law has started to refer to our baby as "Nephew Rico" and thinks it's a boy, but all of the nieces are adamant that this baby is a girl. Who knows at this point, we just need to start narrowing down our list of names! 

We go to bed super early and Joe calls me an old person. I get so tired around 10 and if I'm not asleep by 10:30, I get really grumpy and nauseous. I think it's the earliest I've gone to bed in a long time, especially so consistently. But I can't get up until 7 or 7:30 either, I just need my sleep. And even though Joe complains about getting into bed so early, he's usually snoring long before I fall asleep, so I don't believe that he doesn't really like going to bed early. Most nights we watch an episode of House before going to sleep and lately, I fall asleep halfway through the episode.

Hanger has become a very real emotion in our house. Joe can frequently be heard offering me a Snickers bar and he tells people that I crave cereal. I think saying that I crave breakfast foods would be more accurate. Pancakes, waffles, french toast, cereal, smoothies, etc. always sound really delicious to me.

fermata onesie

^^ How we told my family ^^

We were having a debate a few weeks ago about replacing the tub in our hall bathroom (the one our kids will use) and what type of tub we wanted to put in there in place of the really disgusting one that we didn't replace during our renovations. Joe wants a deep soaking one like we put in the basement and I'm content with a normal sized one. I wasn't sure if a deep tub would be comfortable or easy for me to bathe a child in, so to decide, we both headed to the basement with Howie in tow. We put the poor pup in the tub and pretended that we were giving our "kid" a bath. The tub depth is fine, it might even eliminate splashing clean up, but the basement tub has a toilet in the way of half of it, so that location won't be nice for child bath time in the future. We are weird, I know.. If only you all could have seen us.

Have you ever seen this clip from Family Guy? It's always been one of Joe's favorites, and I've always hated it, but it describes our life pretty well the past few months. I'll be in the bathroom sick to my stomach while Joe's lying in bed asleep, reading the news or watching Netflix. Occasionally he'll say something like, "Didn't you already do that today?" or "How long is this supposed to last again?" but he pretty much steers clear of the area when I'm not feeling well. I obviously didn't marry that man for his overly sensitive and caring concern ;) but I know that he cares in his own way and I love him even though he won't hold my hair and rub my back. I have Howie to sit at my feet and show concern for me so we'll call that good.

For your entertainment, Howie thinks my new body pillow is really for him. He had a little too much fun when Joe brought it home the other night. I'm pretty sure he sleeps on it all day while I'm gone, but I guess that's ok, as long as he lets me have it back at night.

That's what's new in our lives, tell me what's new in yours!!

P.S. I'm going to be a weird blogger because I won't be posting bump dates or many pregnancy updates on the blog. But don't worry, they will be somewhere! Follow along on Instagram for more funny Amberly and Joe pregnancy moments, weekly bump dates and more!