4 Ways to Incorporate a Puzzle on Your Next Date Night

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If you're looking for a quiet night at home, or something that you can do together every night over the course of a week or two, building a puzzle might be fun for the two of you! To prepare for this date, head to the toy section of your favorite store or go to your local dollar store. Pick out a puzzle or two or three that you like and get to work. I have a few ideas to change up your puzzle date. You could pull out each of these ideas on different occasions and make four separate nights out of it.

puzzle date night idea

Four Fun Puzzle Date Ideas


Enjoy a quiet night at home together completing your favorite puzzle. Sit down with your favorite takeout or dessert, some music, and your puzzle. Putting the puzzle together.... together... gives you the opportunity to practice your teamwork as you work together toward an end goal.

Competitive Speed Race

Pick out two puzzles with the same number of pieces and with a picture that's similarly difficult, then race to see who can complete their puzzle first. Make sure you've determined your stakes ahead of time. Winner gets a foot massage, loser does the dishes, winner picks dinner on your next date night, etc.

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Without the Picture Guide

Building your puzzle with the picture on the box as a guide is hard enough sometimes, what would happen if you removed the help? You could do this one of two ways; 1. Grab a random puzzle off the shelf and try to look at the picture as little as possible, dump the contents on the table then hid the puzzle box in the other room while you work to complete it. 2. Have someone else pick out a puzzle and purchase it for you (reimburse them of course) and dump all of the pieces into a zipped bag before giving it to you, then you'll have no clue what it's supposed to look like until you complete it. The puzzle may take you a few days or weeks to put together, but it will give you something fun to do every night before bed.

With a Group

Puzzles make a fun group date as well! Pick up a large, millions of pieces puzzle that you can work on all together. Or for a twist on the competitive speed race, pick up a bunch of puzzles that each couple can pick from and then put your puzzle together in a race against the other couples in the room.

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For a keepsake from your date, purchase some puzzle glue and then frame the puzzle and put it in your room or use it to decorate another area of your home. As your puzzle skills grow, grab a puzzle with more pieces and work your way up to the biggest puzzle you can find. Who knows, maybe puzzles will become your new hobby!

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

Fun cold weather date night idea! This could be a great way to get quality time together at the end of every day.