The Perks of Being Married to a Woodworker

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Before I met Dan, when I thought of woodworking, I thought about my distant Norwegian cousin who whittled a puzzle toy for me when I visited Norway. Or I thought what it might have been like for Jesus to learn the trade of carpentry from Joseph.

Then I started dating my husband. He and his equally-talented brothers taught me that woodworking can be so much more than a casual pastime or an outdated profession. Who knew a relationship with a woodworker would come with so many perks?

Romantic Gifts

Our first Christmas as a couple was the only Christmas we didn't actually spend together. We were long-distance while I worked in New York and Dan lived in Ohio. Dan stayed in Ohio to celebrate the holidays with his family while I flew to South Carolina to be with my own.

Dan and I were skyping a few weeks before Christmas when he explained that he hadn't been able to ship me my present. He asked if he could show it to me over skype, and I said yes. He walked with his laptop into the hallway, and I screamed.

Dan built me the Mirror of Erised. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. He couldn't have given me a more perfect present for our first Christmas.

My Customized Home Office

Even when I still had my day job, I've been working from home for about a year and a half. When my husband and I moved to Georgia, we picked a three-bedroom townhouse so I could have a proper home office. What was one of the first things Dan did, before we had even unpacked all of our boxes?

He built me a new desk. I wanted a simple X-frame desk, so he built it for me.

Since then, he's also built himself a desk that coordinates in style with my own. He also just finished building a new storage unit for underneath our office window.

My home office isn't completely done, but it's well on its way to being the perfect space for my writing, copywriting, and blogging needs.

Money Saved

When Dan and I were dating, I moved to Ohio to be closer to him. I had a room in my friend's apartment, enough money for rent, gas, and food to last six weeks, and a job interview. I had NO furniture--I bought a mattress, box springs and a frame my first day in Columbus, with a new credit card with 0% interest. That mattress was the only thing I could afford, and I could barely pay for it. A few days later, Dan showed up with a beautiful, simple bedside table for me. He later built me a matching bedside table which I helped him sand and stain. We still use the bedside tables in our bedroom.

The X-frame desk I wanted to buy was about $400. Dan built a similar desk for about $50 worth of materials. We've saved similar amounts of money on every piece of furniture he's built for us.

Quality Time Apart

Dan and I spent a LOT of time together. We like the same TV shows. We have many of the same friends. We enjoy date nights.

But sometimes I need my space outside of work hours. I work from home, and I set my own hours. I find it easier to get groceries, do chores, see the doctor, workout, start dinner, etc. during the typical work day. However, then I need to spend a few hours working after dinner most nights. Usually I don't mind sharing my office in the evening with Dan, but sometimes I need alone time to work. Luckily, he enjoys doing woodworking projects after dinner on weeknights. We each get to blast our own music (Taylor Swift vs. Weird Al) and work on our own projects without interrupting each other.

Community Service

While Dan and I were settling into Georgia, he was actively involved with Habitat for Humanity back in Ohio. Dan had enough experience that he often served as crew leader on build days. When he lost his job last year, he utilized his free time by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity on weekdays and by helping various friends and family members with their own small home improvement projects. Dan's generosity towards others and his passion for community service are two of the reasons I feel in love with him!

I never thought I would end up married to a modern-day woodworker, but I'm grateful for my husband's hobby every day!

How do you feel about your spouse's hobby? What perks does it bring?